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Rules-Based Configurator

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Rules-Based Configurator

The  VISUAL ERP Product Configurator is a development tool for manufacturers of complex, highly configurable products with numerous standard and available options. It enables your sales force to correctly customize and configure your product and quickly and easily create quotes and customer orders in Infor VISUAL ERP.

The Product Configurator is sophisticated and includes a compatibility engine that handles all requests for changes to the base specification through an easy-to-use Windows interface.

The end result is a product specification that has been fully checked for component compatibility and completeness.

The VISUAL Product Configurator includes both a rules-based engine enabling accurate point-of-sale customization, configuration, and pricing as well as a parametric engine allowing for the setup and creation of Bills of Material and Engineering Masters based on user-defined criteria.
You can create a set of options and assign a series of complex formulas which, in turn, define the possibility of cus-tom parts, configured and priced based on the customer‘s needs.

  • Create engineering designs for complex engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products using rules-based parameters.
  • Define engineering rules for including, excluding, and combining features.
  • Define complex, user-defined formulas for weight, quantity, and length calcu-lations.
  • Configure your product‘s features and options dimensionally.
  • Maintain product, data, and price information quickly and easily.
  • Create a quote and Bill of Material automatically from an engineering design.
  • Enter catalog numbers easily with Product Code Nomenclature.
  • Integrate various toolkits for use within the Configurator.
  • Use the Product Configurator to customize products as you and your customers see fit.

We are proud to introduce you to Configur8or the market leading product that: reduces costs, enhances customer loyalty, improves customer service and increases sales while reducing lead times and all with a very rapid return on investment.

  • Do you have lots of product options?
  • Need to remove human errors from any area of your business?
  • Need to make it easier for your customers to buy?
  • Need to protect margins?
  • Need a more consistent, faster and more accurate way to quote?
  • Need multiple Languages or currencies?

Configur8or is here to solve your problems.

It can be deployed in a variety of ways to suit your business: from mobile phones to rugged PDAs, from laptops to tablet PCs from desktops to networks and to the Internet. With easy to use, graphical screens Configur8or delivers the solution.
Whether integrated to your CRM or ERP system, or through the web to your customers, distributors or sales people, Configur8or delivers accurate information with its powerful, yet easy to build rules, rules you control and that build with you to help resolve the ever changing business needs of both today and tomorrow. If any of this might be of interest to you read on about the many flavours of Configur8or.

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