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  • Integrates front office applications with Infor ERP, ensuring accurate data throughout the company
  • Improves communication with customers and suppliers
  • Helps businesses more easily manage sales and post sales processes
  • Eliminates data entry redundancies with a single source for all customer information
  • Ensures that manufacturers stay competitive with technology that improves work flow and integrates business contact information
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Ease of Use:

Get to any information with one or two mouse clicks.  With a sales staff that will be using their first CRM system it’s important that while they are on a call or otherwise, the can quickly and easily enter notes or find the info they need.  In Infor CRM you can find the account or contact by any criteria (first name, last, phone, account name, zip, etc.) in seconds and then with one click of the mouse can view all history, tasks, appointments, contacts at the company, orders, shipments, leads, opportunities, etc.  Also, there are many shortcuts in Infor CRM.  If you find an account or contact by doing a quick search the contact will remain highlighted, then you can press (for example) CTRL+H to create a quick history record – all the user will have to do is type in the notes from the conversation and press save.  Same thing with tasks CTRL+T – again it will auto link that task to the person you are talking to and the account and all the user has to do is enter in the task info.

Reduce Duplication of Efforts/Redundant Data:

If you choose a 3rd party system your users will most likely have to duplicate efforts as they will be creating accounts and contacts in both the CRM and ERP.  This might not just be address, contact info, etc. b/c your users over time may want to see their shipping addresses, and other account info that will also already be in ERP or will have to be created in two places.  Sometimes 3rd party CRM systems will tell you they can “build the integration to your ERP”.  We’ve seen this time and again, and we “Synergy Resources” need to get involved to help them with getting the data to and from the correct fields/tables in the VISUAL database.  These integrations are typically quoted at around 5 – 10 k, but really end up costing around 35k.  Also, every time you upgrade the CRM or ERP system, you might be paying for that again.

Finding data from one source:

This is the biggest advantage of Infor CRM.  It’s all one database, meaning no synching, no batch processing, it’s all real time.  If you want to turn a prospect in CRM into a customer, one mouse click is all it takes… but that one mouse click also creates the customer record in the same ERP database.  No need to duplicate efforts, but also just as important the data is the SAME – you don’t have different data in each system and constantly wonder which one is up to date.  It goes a lot further than that:

  • Would a CRM user ever wonder if something was shipped?
  • Would they ever wonder if we have any RMA/Returns?
  • Before you call a customer would you want to know if they have any outstanding A/R issues or A/R credit memos?
  • Would a CRM user ever want to know what parts are in stock?
  • Would you want to pull pricing info from VISUAL so you don’t have to have pricing info in two places?  Ever want to know when the scheduled due date of a WO is?

Not one of these questions will be answered from a 3rd party CRM.  Your users would have to go into the separate ERP to find the answer.  With VISUAL CRM it’s all in one place.

Technology and Staying Power:

VISUAL CRM includes integration to Office 2010 (Outlook integration, export to Excel, MS Word Mail Merges), lots of new features and functionality, updated embedded web browser, full smart phone/Ipad Apps for access to CRM data and the ability to edit/sync right from your phone.  However, probably the biggest benefit is that you don’t need to add a database.  There’s no extra IT burden/database administration b/c it’s all in the ERP database you are already backing up/maintaining!

Infor CRM’s Contact Center module provides unrivaled contact management functionality from a single database. It helps you keep your current customers while obtaining new ones by tracking “everything there is to know” about prospects and customers. You can schedule activities, write letters and e-mails and keep detailed notes about conversations with contacts. This impressive tool also lets you easily view histories, tasks and other sales data for each contact at every account. Important back office data such as accounts receivable, current part inventory, return material authorization (RMA) status, estimates, sales orders, credit status, shipments and more are all easily accessible.

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Easy Integration

  • Access your company, product and pricing events with the CRM Today Electronic Bulletin Board
  • Send e-mails, letters and documents easily with direct Microsoft Office integration
  • All e-mails can be saved directly to Infor CRM for enterprise-wide visibility
  • Schedule and assign tasks and activities, and track details such as driving directions and meeting highlights
  • Convert prospects to customers automatically without redundant data entry
  • Track calls, meetings and “To Do” tasks with Calendar Management
  • View important data using standard reports or develop on-the-fly custom reports

Infor VISUAL CRM will help you dramatically improve the effectiveness of your sales team, allowing them to access complete views of customer accounts and opportunities. Remote and internal users can easily develop price quotes, accurately configure products using the optional Product Configurator, and quickly view key account information—with the click of a mouse.

Utilize your data it’s full potential

  • Assign quotas by sales rep, territory, business unit, branch or division
  • Track opportunities assigned to all sales reps and all potential revenue
  • View complete call history
  • Automatically create tasks from a sales plan
  • Build product configurations with a direct link to the Infor VISUAL Product Configurator
  • Create and e-mail professional proposals
  • Easily convert quotes to orders, saving redundant data entry
  • Enter orders and verify order status
  • Track lead source to measure demand generation performance
  • Manage complete competitive intelligence

Customer satisfaction is an ultimate goal of every company and Infor CRM facilitates exceptional customer service within its Help Desk module, allowing you to respond quickly to any customer request. This powerful module lets you track customer calls and create a comprehensive knowledge base of customer issues and resolutions, as well as the history of resolution attempts, complete with time, date and user ID stamps. Help Desk’s automated record keeping and useful search tools let your customer service representatives (CSRs) easily manage information. They can log calls based on part ID, product serial number or category and service contracts, which reduces help desk response time and improves customer satisfaction. And being able to access detailed customer histories allows your CSRs to deliver prompt, accurate service resulting in improved customer retention and increased sales.

Track & prioritize

  • Capture primary call information
  • Assign calls to appropriate CSRs for resolution
  • Develop multiple views of call issues and resolutions and filter them by priority level, CSR, product, etc.
  • Share notes with other users
  • Track complete call history
  • Prioritize call issues
  • Trace issues by part ID, serial number or service contract
  • Create knowledge base of issues and resolutions for faster problem solving

Very often, the success of your sales team depends on your organization’s marketing efforts. Infor CRM’s Marketing module helps you keep your team aware of current campaigns, events, target strategies and literature updates. Now you can easily create catalogs of marketing literature and automate the fulfillment of documents, track the effectiveness of your campaigns and events, and effectively manage your marketing strategies—which can help you significantly increase your overall ROI.


  • Define, manage and measure campaign / event effectiveness
  • Track attendance levels of every event and the event’s contribution to sales
  • Track budgets and costs
  • Maintain literature catalogs and send them to prospects electronically

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