Can Lean Manage the Entire Enterprise without ERP?

Synergy Resources believes it is impossible to achieve world- class performance without both Lean and ERP. There are so many companies out there today that don’t realize this, and as a result fail to realize their potential and simply can’t compete.

This resource will help you answer the following (and more):

  • How Lean attacks the underlying ERP planning factors: lead times, replenishment levels and lot sizes.
  • How Lean eliminates waste and lot sizes, reduces inventory levels, minimizes lead times.
  • Why applying Lean techniques with ERP in the office environment saves time and money.
  • Why it’s impossible to achieve world-class performance without Lean and ERP

Implementing both Lean tools and an effective ERP system can drive significant improvements in your workflow. Learn how embracing ERP can help you achieve a more effective enterprise system by utilizing Lean concepts.