Standardizing Business Processes for Multi-entity or Multi-site Manufacturers (lessons learned)

Written by Becky Mittica of Synergy

Business Process Standardization.  Sounds simple, sounds like it would make life easier for everyone.  Standardizing business processes across a multi-entity or multi-site facility is not simple regardless if you are using Infor VISUAL ERP software or other business software.  It makes managing the facilities easier due to clarity of data and reporting, but getting to that point takes a lot of work, of course, varying by the number and size of the sites or entities.

The very first step in standardizing business processes is STRONG support of ALL the top leaders in the organization.  This prevents any undermining or negativity that could transpire from the top.  The second step is to get the same strong support from the leaders at each of the entities and sites.  These are the managers that will make the standardization actually happen.  And, then, of course, all employees need to understand what is transpiring and, most importantly, the REASON for the change.

While the support is being built throughout the organization, a team should be built to determine what business processes should be standardized and how.  Ideally this team would have members from all of the facilities.  However, the team may be strictly at the corporate level with the decisions being pushed out to the entire organization.  With this method, sites and entities tend to review the standardization as only a benefit to the corporate side of the organization and may push back.  In any case, change management should come in to play with the best option chosen for your organization.

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