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Growth starts with a well-defined strategy.
All manufacturing companies have the desire to grow their business and increase sales and profits. Successfully achieving this objective requires the full development and implementation of an effective growth strategy.
icon Leaders in the field

Leaders in the field

Our team of multidisciplinary sales, marketing, manufacturing, financial, warehousing, and technology experts have helped many companies like yours to develop an effective growth strategy.
icon A Cohesive Strategy

A Cohesive Strategy

With a focus on your company’s mission, we can help you align your marketing, sales, and operation teams with your growth strategy. This is an undertaking that is essential to creating a winning plan.
icon See Results, Fast

See Results, Fast

Whether you need to improve the marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, or quality aspects of your business, Synergy provides technology and service solutions that will get you there faster.
Envision more than just <span>long-term success.</span>

Envision more than just long-term success.

You understand the value of an an aligned approach to growth that evaluates and enhances revenue generation (sales and marketing) and revenue realization (operations and delivery). Our solution integrates business strategy, brand strategy, CRM, sales, and marketing into a single strategic framework for growth. We’ll align it to your operational plan and the  capabilities of your manufacturing operation, while ensuring that process and data gathering is reinforced by your various systems (CRM, ERP, QMS).

Customer and prospect <span> engagement services.</span>

Customer and prospect engagement services.

  • Competitive market intelligence & research
  • CRM best practices
  • Digital marketing / marketing automation
  • Sales training
  • Strategic marketing


Take your sales and marketing to the next level.
We are experts at ensuring your manufacturing ERP investment will create value for your company and that the implementation is smooth. You'll be able to meet ongoing business commitments, while providing employees the time needed to adopt new processes.
icon Sustain Revenue Growth

Sustain Revenue Growth

A properly designed program will create new customer opportunities and deeper penetration into customer accounts.
icon Brand & Market Recognition

Brand & Market Recognition

Ensure that your company name delivers a positive message that is continually reinforced.
icon On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

Aligning your sales plans with your manufacturing operations will result in having the right product ready at the right time.
icon Accurate Forecasting

Accurate Forecasting

More disciplined and consistent sales forecasts can lead to inventory reduction of 15% to 30% while reducing costly overtime expenses by as much as 50%.
icon Improve Communication

Improve Communication

Higher levels of communication throughout the organization will occur as each area understands common growth and profitability objectives.
Why Our Customers Refer Us.
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Not only has our relationship met and exceeded our business objectives, but it has led us to view the firm as a strategic partner that can advise and direct execution of our growth efforts.

Rudy Burwell, President & CEO
Adcour Power Products
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Wendt Partners and Synergy Resources analyzed our needs, created a comprehensive plan, and worked with us in-depth every step of the way in order to execute it. Without their efforts, we would not have successfully achieved our goals.

Ben Wootton, President & CEO
Keystone Biofuels
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It was a pleasure working with the team at Wendt Partners and Synergy Resources. They truly helped us put our best foot forward in the marketplace, both for our brand and for our business.

Steven Rose, President & CEO
Rose Metal Systems