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Make quality your competitive advantage.

A Quality Management System (QMS) designed for manufacturers gives your company the framework needed to monitor and improve performance in all areas. With proper development, management, and attention, it can lead to higher profits by cutting costs related to scrap, rework, returns, and more.

icon Cut Costs, Increase Profit

Cut Costs, Increase Profit

By tracking non-conformances and implementing corrective action, you improve quality to your customer and reduce the cost of goods sold.

icon Go Beyond Certification

Go Beyond Certification

Your QMS should provide more than a certificate. Processes and software solutions should improve your supply chain, streamline audits, improve employee training and retention, and increase customer satisfaction.

icon Analytics & Key Performance Visibility

Analytics & Key Performance Visibility

Your QMS should be a key performance improvement driver for increased growth and profit.

<span>Driving performance </span>and profitability through QMS.

Driving performance and profitability through QMS.

Your QMS should provide the framework needed to monitor and improve performance in all areas of your business. When properly executed, it should deliver a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Ensure that your QMS is <span>delivering higher profitability.</span>

Ensure that your QMS is delivering higher profitability.

Do you know what your cost of quality is regarding scrap, rework, and warranty? Capturing these costs via your ERP system and flowing them through your cost accounting system will give you that information. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce waste, which will have an immediate impact on profitability.

We will help you deploy a QMS system that will do the above and more!

  • Link scrap, rework, and warranty costs to your non-conformance records to capture even more data related to these failures.
Take corrective actions to <span>achieve defect reduction and continuous improvement.</span>

Take corrective actions to achieve defect reduction and continuous improvement.

A methodical approach to problem solving coupled with quality tools and techniques is often the difference between a problem being permanently solved and rearing its ugly head again. It fosters teamwork, employee development, and problem-solving skills, while reducing non-value-added costs like scrap and rework. In addition, it creates an environment where a problem is seen as an opportunity.

When you work with Synergy to implement this strategic approach, you will enjoy all the benefits of doing so while overcoming the following negative scenarios:

  • Corrective Action Reports (CARs) being rarely issued, while real problems are resolved outside of the system in an attempt to keep the process and subsequent records manageable
  • CARs being issued for every non-conformance, which creates such a volume and backlog that none of the problems are solved effectively
  • CAR responses being determined based on a “get this off my desk” mentality, which almost guarantees that the problem will crop up again
Reap impressive results with optimized ERP & QMS systems.
icon Proper Accounting of Cost of Goods & Quality

Proper Accounting of Cost of Goods & Quality

By reviewing your Cost of Goods and Quality, you can prioritize improvements that lead to lower costs and higher profits.

icon Superior Supplier Performance

Superior Supplier Performance

Working hand-in-hand with suppliers often results in win-win solutions for your company and theirs. This leads to improved quality, quicker delivery, and potentially lower costs. Performance can be improved by 35+%.

icon Improved Employee Engagement

Improved Employee Engagement

Develop and empower employees to suggest and implement improvements.

icon Correct Action Effectiveness

Correct Action Effectiveness

Best-in-class manufacturers are achieving levels of corrective action effectiveness of 98% or better. They approach corrective action in a manner that fosters teamwork and employee development, enhances problem-solving skills, and reduces non-value-added costs.

icon Lower Inventory & Material in WIP

Lower Inventory & Material in WIP

Inventory and WIP buffers are often put in place, whether planned or not, to give protection against the impacts of recurring defects. A QMS System allows you to collect and then proactively focus on reducing defect levels through analysis and problem solving, allowing the material buffers to be decreased.

icon No Need to Prepare for Certification Audits

No Need to Prepare for Certification Audits

More frequent internal audits ensure you won’t need to scramble to be ready for an audit. They should include employees from across the organization so they will understand the value of quality best practices and ensure compliance.

Customer Stories
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I am very impressed with the total quality management system, which addresses cradle to grave traceability, which is imperative in our business.

Jason Bardaville
Loos & Co.
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Our Infor Quality system enabled us to organize ourselves and manage the ISO 13485 certification and validation process. It would have been impossible to achieve without the software.

John Phillips, President
Phillips Precision
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Our inspection data entry is 200% faster. We spend much less time on documentation and all other quality processes take 33% less time.

Joe Lendway, Quality Assurance Manager
Top Tool Company