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Delivery is everyone's responsibility.

World-class delivery performance begins with a strong sales and operations plan and requires a seamless synchronization of engineering, customer service, purchasing, inventory control, and manufacturing. All of these functions essentially feed the core process of production scheduling with the goal of delivering to customers what they need, when they need it.

icon Production Flow Analysis

Production Flow Analysis

With production analysis, you will eliminate production waste to improve delivery performance while increasing productivity, inventory turns, and profit.

icon Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Minimize the impact of production variability with real-time scheduling tools that allow schedulers to predict and prevent lateness.

icon Enable Smart Manufacturing

Enable Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing allows factory managers to automatically collect and analyze data to make faster, more informed decisions and to optimize production.

<span>Production flow</span> and process design

Production flow and process design

Manufacturing has quickly changed from making a lot of the same items to making unique goods that need to be delivered fast. In the past, work orders were quickly “pushed” onto the floor causing bottlenecks, increased WIP, extended lead times, material shortages, and often chaos to the shop floor.

We have helped hundreds of companies reduce this chaos through well-designed production flow systems that pace manufacturing to true demand. By working on the right parts at the right time and not introducing work that is not needed, we have seen throughput improve by 30-40%, material shortages decrease and WIP levels rapidly fall.

Our Continuous Improvement Specialists repeatedly find that manufacturers today require the tools that will enable them to make fast, reliable predictions about capability. These techniques also help to establish processes that allow for quick response to customer demand. Manufacturing companies that leverage all the available systems and tools as well as continuous improvement techniques enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pull-systems in place
  • Constraints/bottlenecks are subordinated and managed
  • Achieve rapid inventory turns while maintaining lower WIP
  • Effective problem solving in place to achieve zero defects
  • Minimal lot sizes or one-piece flow benefits are understood and in practice
  • Lead times are zero for make-to-stock items and minimized for make to order items
  • Clean, organized facility with “status at a glance” visual controls
  • Trained, flexible, and empowered workforce
<span>Scheduling</span> that connects people, process and products.

Scheduling that connects people, process and products.

Scheduling tools are an essential part of integrated planning and remain a powerful component in achieving world-class delivery performance. The most important outcome of a scheduling system is a reliable prediction of what will happen and when it will happen.

When scheduling systems are fully optimized, this prediction and subsequent execution (how it will happen) is what enables manufacturing companies to properly size resources, manage inventory, establish lead times, and provide customer delivery commitments with confidence.

World class delivery performance.
icon Increase Throughput & Profit

Increase Throughput & Profit

Shop floor productivity gains of 25% – 55%.

icon Reduce WIP & Inventory

Reduce WIP & Inventory

Lead time reductions of 20% – 60% .

icon Increase Cash Flow & Available Space.

Increase Cash Flow & Available Space.

WIP reductions of 40% – 70% and inventory reductions of 30% – 60%.

icon Happy Customers, More Business

Happy Customers, More Business

On-time delivery gains of 20% – 45%.

icon Decrease Production Costs

Decrease Production Costs

Cost of quality reductions of 20% – 60%.

Customer Stories
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Our flow is so balanced that we don’t expedite material anymore. The change was so quick and dramatic that one of our larger suppliers made a special trip to see us. Because suddenly we had stopped our constant expediting and emergency shipments, they thought we had engaged another supplier, even though we were buying as much or more from them as we ever had.

Mark A. Glaude, Materials Manager
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Only 39 days to transform ThermoFab into a company that can manufacture at warp speed, faster than any of our competitors. We have exceeded all of our plans and expectations.

Tom King, President
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With Infor ERP, it’s like knowing the batting averages of every department on the planet. If you look at the data, pay attention to it, and use those tools to make decisions, your business runs better.

Chris Tillotson, General Manager
American Products, Inc.
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Not long after we implemented Infor ERP, we saw improvements in our delivery performance. We’ve been able to reach more than 90% in on-time deliveries, compared to about 60% before that.

Jack O’Leary, VP of Operations
Geophysical Survey Systems