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Our Customers Drive the Future of ERP Innovation

At Synergy Resources, our in-house R&D team is dedicated to continuous improvement through ERP innovation. We are hard at work developing and commercializing client-requested tools that augment ERP functionality across our customer base.

icon The best ERP innovations start with listening.

The best ERP innovations start with listening.

Customer feedback is our number one source of ideas for the next evolution in ERP tools. You know what problems need to be addressed to make work easier, and it’s our job to figure out how to deliver what you need.

icon  ERP extensions and integrations create possibilities.

ERP extensions and integrations create possibilities.

By investing our own time and resources to build commonly requested features and functionality, we can make new tools accessible to ERP users at affordable prices. It’s part of our mission to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

icon How do we choose what ERP tool to develop next?

How do we choose what ERP tool to develop next?

We seek out concepts that solve common challenges within the industries we serve. We’re looking for solvable problems that no one else has the resources or expertise to take on, and that will bring value to businesses.

Innovative ERP extensions<span> help you do more</span>

Innovative ERP extensions help you do more

An ERP extension like our popular SmartViews module helps customers get more from their existing ERP technology investment. With detailed, easily accessible reporting to analyze and track performance metrics and goals, our clients have the data insights to support decisions that deliver a competitive edge.

New ERP integrations <span>drive efficiency</span>

New ERP integrations drive efficiency

Our innovation center also builds ERP integration solutions to help clients connect disjointed systems, creating immediate value in eliminating double entry of data. Whether it’s by connecting with a CRM platform or a payment processing module, we help clients automate and streamline workflows across their organization.

Upcoming ERP system<span> innovations for ecommerce</span>

Upcoming ERP system innovations for ecommerce

With the rise of ecommerce, even traditional manufacturing organizations are looking for new ways to gain direct access to more buyers and streamline their existing customer relationships in the digital era. Look for ecommerce solutions coming soon from the Synergy Innovation Team.

Innovative Resources when you need them
icon Always useful ERP platform extensions

Always useful ERP platform extensions

At Synergy, we build what we know customers want…because they tell us what they need. Every one of our innovations is driving value for organizations like yours.

icon Easy deployment of new ERP features

Easy deployment of new ERP features

Because we work with the top-shelf ERP platforms, we build integrations and extensions that are specifically designed for a smooth rollout that works with our customers’ existing systems.

icon Industry-specific tools for ERP

Industry-specific tools for ERP

Manufacturing, distribution, and ecommerce each have their own unique business processes and technology needs. We apply our deep industry expertise to build precisely what’s needed.

icon Affordable ways to leverage tech innovation

Affordable ways to leverage tech innovation

New tools are only beneficial if you can afford to buy them. By commercializing new concepts, we drive down the cost of technology innovation for our entire customer base.

icon Rapid prototyping for faster optimization

Rapid prototyping for faster optimization

Our ERP innovation team are pros at building out proof of concepts fast so we can get early feedback from customers and create tools that deliver exactly what they need and will use.

icon Custom solutions available on request

Custom solutions available on request

While bringing a new tool to market can happen pretty fast with our innovation center, sometimes you want a custom fix right now. Our Technical Services team is here to help.

Customer Stories
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My team really likes the in-house developed products. We are using SmartViews for customization of 100 different views of the same database to meet the needs of users across our organization. These reports just aren’t available in the native software.

Vlad Minea, System Operations Manager
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It’s amazing how the production team and supervisors are able to get so hands-on now with pulling information through SmartViews and presenting it. Our owner is also getting together reports to lay out strategic plans and goals, and understanding where the data is coming from to track KPIs.

Leon Good, VP of Operations
Weaver Industries, Inc.