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Strengthen your supply chain

Excellence in supply chain management does not happen by chance or accident. Companies with seamless supply chains make their supply chain part of an operations plan and business strategy.

icon Simplify Internal Processes

Simplify Internal Processes

Improve overall delivery lead and customer satisfaction by speeding up the time between a demand signal and the subsequent delivery.

icon Strengthen Supplier Qualification Program

Strengthen Supplier Qualification Program

Find reliable and dependable supplier partners so your jobs stay on-time and on budget.

icon Improve Supplier Performance Management

Improve Supplier Performance Management

To achieve sustainable 98% on-time delivery and maintain minimal inventory, your company needs suppliers to deliver on-time, all the time.

<span>Supplier performance</span> management

Supplier performance management

Our customers depend on Synergy Workshops to help develop effective supplier management in order to save money, avoid risks, enhance operations, and thrive in today’s business environment. They agree that our support has allowed them to have an improved understanding and appreciation of the value of:

  • Better insights into suppliers’ performance
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers
  • Identifying, preventing, and mitigating supply risk
Supply chain management and <span>smart technology</span>

Supply chain management and smart technology

An ERP system with the aid of Smart Technologies allows you to quickly see and monitor suppliers across all parts of the procurement process. Granular and comprehensive visibility makes these programs and tools indispensable when it comes to supplier performance management. With new insights, you can improve:

  • Competitiveness and cost
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cash flow
Improve every part of your business.
icon Be More competitive

Be More competitive

Reduced costs combined with improved on-time delivery gives you an edge over your competition.

icon Increased Cash Flow

Increased Cash Flow

A well-managed supply chain can result in inventory reductions of 30% – 60% as your suppliers become more dependable and efficient.

icon Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

Reduced lead times, decreased costs, and improved on-time delivery all add up to happier customers, higher repeat orders, and long-term customer relationships.

icon Improve Production Quality

Improve Production Quality

An effective supply chain management program reduces returns, eliminates rework, and ultimately provides your customer with a better product in a shorter time at a lower price.

icon Less Inventory, More Cash

Less Inventory, More Cash

Our program reduces your need to protect stock levels by over-buying, which provides you with more cash to invest in your company.

icon Reduce Lead Times

Reduce Lead Times

Supplier dependability means you can meet your delivery commitments, reduce overall lead times, and optimize each step of your manufacturing process.

Customer Stories
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Synergy educated our company in the value of Lean and the proper execution of Kaizen and ERP optimization. As they facilitated each event, they were teaching our team how to sustain improvements and how to continue the program for years to come. Synergy made it clear, they were here to educate, not to direct and that if we were to be successful going forward, we would need to become the experts and take full ownership of the program.

Richard Meisenheimer, President & Second Generation Owner
Spectrum Associates

We liked that SourceDay could automate our purchasing processes and free up our buyers to do more proactive work. We want our buyers to spend more time on problem solving or addressing process issues. We also want to grow our vendor base and improve our vendor relationships.

Louise Mayer, ERP Improvement Manager
Napoleon Group of Companies
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Previously, we had a really challenging environment trying to manage our disparate ERP platforms, especially not knowing where our inventory was. By implementing Infor ERP and integrating our data we’ve achieved greater visibility into our supply chain.

Scott Bendle, Chief Information Officer
Rigaku Americas Holding