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The data-driven smart factory.

It is no longer enough to have the best people and machines in your manufacturing processes. Digital data is the key to success in today’s ultra competitive manufacturing landscape. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics utilized in artificial intelligence models are changing how factories are operated and what customers experience.

icon Transform Your Data

Transform Your Data

Data is everywhere, and today’s digital technology can measure almost anything. From the speed and output of a machining center to the probability and timing that a tool will need to be changed, this data can drive strategic business decisions.

icon Drive Innovation with Data

Drive Innovation with Data

Utilize digital technology to suggest actions to prevent negative outcomes and to drive innovation in cost reduction and increased efficiencies.

icon Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

Business analytics are the foundation you need to improve customers’ experiences and Smart Factory innovations will strengthen your supply chain and collaboration.

An end-to-end approach to <span>Smart Factory solutions.</span>

An end-to-end approach to Smart Factory solutions.

Our business analytics tools enable you to focus on improving processes needed to deliver products at less cost that are made of the highest quality at the right time. You’ll be able to capture all the relevant data and transform it into actionable predictive or prescriptive decisions.

<span>Centralized Data Repository</span>

Centralized Data Repository

Synergy offers data storage and analytic models that can access data from nearly any platform, be in on-prem, cloud based or a hybrid combination.

<span>Business Analytics </span>for every level of your company.

Business Analytics for every level of your company.

Whether you need to analyze data to build a strategic plan or to calculate the right inventory levels, our business intelligence tools are easily tailored to the required analysis.

Get the most out of your data.
icon Easy Access

Easy Access

Whether your data is on-premise or in the cloud, our data access tools are designed to be easy to maintain and provide a quick way to access your data wherever it is stored.

icon Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Data Analytics

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Data Analytics

Our models first focus on showing you what is happening now, so we can then focus on modeling what could happen. When potential outcomes are understood, our models can recommend what to do before something unintended occurs.

icon Collaborate with Shared Data Models

Collaborate with Shared Data Models

Today’s industry is focused on sharing key data to improve overall supply chain processes. Our cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud to on-premise data models provide the building blocks for this collaboration.

icon Integration Services On-Demand

Integration Services On-Demand

The true strength of data comes from the intersection of two data sets. We can help to build these data relationships and ensure data accuracy throughout the repository.

icon Self Service

Self Service

Typically, IT or reporting specialists are required to modify or generate reports and analytics. Our solution provides unprecedented ease of use. It allows end users to modify the data in the format they need to make critical business decisions.

Customer Stories
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SmartViews is really intuitive and very user friendly. Previously we used Crystal Report. Whenever we wanted something, we’d have to write to her, "Can I get this specialized report?" She would have to modify it and days or weeks later we'd have the report we needed. Now it's great to not be dependent on one person. We can do it ourselves! SmartViews empowers us to quickly and easily share information amongst our team in a form and fashion that is usable by everybody in the group.

Jaimie Bezanson, Vice President of Operations
Tru Form Precision Manufacturing
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We were able to eliminate, or internalize, custom reporting, so we didn’t have to pay outside consultants to do custom reports. Overall, we’ve saved between one to two hundred hours of consulting time alone. Also, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month before the reports are valid. If somebody wants real-time information, this solution provides it immediately.

Peter Mertens, Manager of Biodefense Operations
Flir Systems
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SmartViews is an extremely powerful tool. By combining the professional look of a traditional report writer, the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet, and the ability to tie everything together in a dashboard, SmartViews has become the “go to tool” for our organization’s analytical and reporting needs.

Ryan Stevens, Graham Engineering