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Change Management is not a program with a completion date

Change doesn’t come when employees inside the organization are told to do something new or different. Behaviors do not change as a result of the latest training session or the mission statement that hangs on the wall.

icon Don’t “go it” alone

Don’t “go it” alone

Less than 20% of those seeking sustainable change succeed. Reaching out to a trusted business improvement partner to realize their full potential has become a natural response for many North American businesses. Engaging with a professional organization that has a proven track record increases the success factor to over 60%.

icon Know the value of Change Management

Know the value of Change Management

Who are you striving to be and what is the road to success? Whether it is a Lean Program, an ERP Implementation, or some other Continuous Improvement initiative, effective change management is necessary. When properly executed, it provides the basis on which a company can redefine its culture and set forth the foundation that allows it to become a strong, profitable, and scalable business with a clear path to excellence.

icon Employee involvement is essential

Employee involvement is essential

Sustainment begins when employees inside the organization begin doing “something different” and understanding how it is improving both their working environment and the company’s overall performance.

Foster real change with <span>sustainable initiatives.</span>

Foster real change with sustainable initiatives.

Change must be ongoing and sustainable to succeed. It only takes hold  when employees continue to do “something different” over time while consistently looking for new improvements. Achieving a culture change within an organization involves deliberate, intentional steps that start an honest assessment of the current operations and culture. They include:

  • Development of baseline conditions and data
  • Outlining the company’s core competencies to support the desired culture
  • Having a clear, well documented vision of the desired state
  • Determining the decision making process  – why change, what to change, who’s involved, and how to do it
  • Understanding the need for Structure, Policy, Process, Business Systems, and the strong link between each
  • Delivery of consistent messages throughout the organization
  • Encouraging and rewarding desired behaviors and outcomes
<span>Leading </span> Successful Change Initiatives.

Leading Successful Change Initiatives.

During our 20-plus years of experience, we have learned a lot from the successes and failures of manufacturing companies attempting to implement small and large-scale change initiatives without the support of an external facilitator.



A strong change framework yields positive results.
icon Engaged employees

Engaged employees

Employee engagement leads to motivated workers with higher levels of satisfaction.

icon Happier employees

Happier employees

Employee satisfaction leads to higher enthusiasm in their role, and decreased turnover.

icon Employee Retention & Enthusiasm

Employee Retention & Enthusiasm

Leads to increased efficiencies and productivity.

icon A Wide Range of Services

A Wide Range of Services

As your business grows, you will require a full array of services to meet its changing needs. We can help you with manufacturing ERP initiatives, business development planning, machine utilization, Digital Transformation, and IIoT projects when the need arises.

icon Productive Employees

Productive Employees

Increased efficiencies and productivity lead to higher profit and a stable employee working environment.

icon Higher Customer Satisfaction

Higher Customer Satisfaction

When employees are engaged in their work, projects are completed on time. This makes for happier, more loyal customers and long-term business.

Why Our Customers Refer Us.
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The Synergy team challenged us to make changes we knew we needed but were afraid to fully confront. They brought with them the knowledge to help us fully synthesize the strategy that necessitated change and give us the confidence to move forward. They brought the methodology and the people to help implement the strategy. They brought the experience to proactively anticipate the bumps in the road and they continue to bring the energy to keep us moving forward. We moved further in six months then I think we would have dreamed of moving in six years. I cannot recommend the Synergy team's services highly enough.

Douglas Hamilton, III, CEO
Hamilton Associaties, Inc.
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We at Spectronics greatly appreciate the help we are getting from Synergy. The team assigned to us is incredibly knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. Most impressive is the change in company culture that has occurred over the time the Synergy team has been working with us. We see them as part of the Spectronics team. Now, as we move into the next phase and introduce Lean methodologies into our program we know our employees are ready to accept change that will lead to more sustainable improvements.

Fred Silverman, Chief Financial Officer
Spectronics Corporation
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In a time where manufacturing companies are struggling to stay ahead, Synergy Resources Strategic Business Planning Program has provided our company with a roadmap to achieve world-class performance. This program has re-energized our employees and our management team and focused our company on growth and efficiency through operational excellence. Through the execution of this program, we now understand the opportunities we have for improvement and are excited about our future and the prospect of continuing our partnership with Synergy’s Strategic Business Services team.

Richard Meisenheimer, President & Second Generation Owner
Spectrum Associates
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Synergy Resources offered, by far, the best option to us because of their implementation methodology. We didn’t just need to find a software solution to fit our business. We knew that we needed to change how we ran the business. Synergy Resources is a great company to work with. They really care about your success and want you to succeed.

Jon Maxcy, President/Owner
Knox Machine