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Educate & empower your team.

As your ERP consultant, we’ll provide the right content, at the right level, at the right time in order to give your team the information and insights they need to succeed and for you to realize the full value of your software investment. We offer ERP application Consultation and Training for new implementations, upgrades, application optimization, and continuous improvement for every stage of your ERP product lifecycle as well as your Synergy provided software.

icon Trusted Training Experts

Trusted Training Experts

Synergy has an experienced staff of over 100 expert ERP consultants. Each is eager to learn your business needs and deliver the support to help you meet your goals. Our ERP experts provide knowledge and guidance in all areas including training and process improvement.

icon Long-Term Application Support

Long-Term Application Support

We partner with our customers and are with you through go-live and as you continuously improve your systems and processes over the years. We also ensure that you continually build a repository of reusable training material that can be used as changes occur within your organization.

icon Focus on Your Business

Focus on Your Business

During ERP implementation and post-go-live, our training and consultation is laser focused on your business goals. As a result, you should expect a high and fast ROI.

ERP consultants who are <span>manufacturing industry experts.</span>

ERP consultants who are manufacturing industry experts.

The implementation of an ERP system differs by industry – one size does not fit all. Synergy has the depth of resources and knowledge for nearly every type of manufacturing. This means that we are ready to work with your staff to enable your ERP system to support your unique industry needs.

<span>Hands-on training</span> from ERP application specialists.

Hands-on training from ERP application specialists.

The success of your manufacturing ERP system depends on how users adapt to and use it at their jobs. Best-in-class manufacturers that integrate training with daily business processes get the most out of their ERP solutions. That’s because effective ERP training helps employees do their work more efficiently and competently. They’ll perform their jobs using less resources, money, and time while producing higher quality work.

It's not just <span>ERP.</span>

It's not just ERP.

Our support doesn’t stop at ERP. We have engineered an entire ecosystem of integrated best-of-breed products and services to address more advanced issues when you are ready. These include supplier management portals, sales and marketing planning, ERP to machine integrations, and many Smart Factory solutions that boost productivity.

Innovative ERP support solutions solve your critical problems.
icon Standardize Processes & Streamline Activities

Standardize Processes & Streamline Activities

When done well, standardization can decrease ambiguity and guesswork, guarantee quality, boost productivity, and increase employee morale.

icon Lower Costs & Save Time

Lower Costs & Save Time

Properly trained end users utilize the functionality of your ERP system without any help and are more proficient and effective.

icon Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Training ensures that all employees are using the same data, which reduces the risk of human error in the processes and produces better quality data.

icon Plan. Implement. Continuously Improve

Plan. Implement. Continuously Improve

You can rely on us to provide needed expert ERP support and advice, which helps you to move your organization ahead. We offer post-go-live support focused on continuous improvement initiatives, training new hires, helping you break into new lines of business, and more.

icon Local Service & Support

Local Service & Support

In most cases, Synergy consultants are within driving distance to your company. This keeps the overall cost of your project down by keeping travel costs low.

icon Innovative Problem Solving

Innovative Problem Solving

Creative thinking allows us to take a manufacturing industry specific problem and devise a personalized process that exceeds what you may have believed was possible. We’ll help you overcome any obstacles and reach your goals by encouraging fresh perspectives and coming up with innovative solutions.

Customer Stories
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Essential to Numa’s strategic plan is the ability to break down silos and collaborate in real time. This allows our team to make faster and better decisions at the time we need to make them. Synergy Resources played a critical role in developing the essential knowledge of how our decisions impact costs, profitability, and growth of the business. Simply put, Synergy helped us have better data to make better decisions.

Dave Gorman, Vice President
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Synergy brought a proven, turn-key system, with the people, the training, and the tools to get our fledgling program off the ground and gaining its own momentum from day one. Since then, they have continued to support us with progress monitoring, ongoing training, and trusted counsel to keep us on the right track. These aren’t just consultants – they’re doers. We have achieved meaningful gains that we simply could not have made without them.

Douglas Hamilton, III, CEO
Hamilton Associates
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Just wanted to let you know that our team was raving about your implementation sessions with everyone. Most importantly, our new GM, Brian Davies, was thrilled. A lot of connecting of dots took place. Thank you Synergy.

Sue Perakis, Controller
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Many thanks for your support of our project over the past year. It was much more than just a computer software configuration and installation project. With your help Albion upgraded and modernized our processes to meet the current challenges of the marketplace. You did a fabulous job of keeping me and the rest of the Albion crew organized and focused on the goal of getting Infor ERP to support our operation. I took the credit at Albion for delivering Infor ERP on time and on budget but I truly could not have done it without you.

Bob Reynolds, General Manager
Albion Engineering Company