VISUAL ERP User Groups

VISUAL ERP User Groups

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We strongly encourage all of our customers to join your local VISUAL ERP User Group. Many of the groups offer quarterly User Group meetings. These user-led meetings are your opportunity to network with your fellow VISUAL users to share ideas and address questions that you may have.

Reasons to Attend User Group Meetings

    • Networking with peers
    • Why reinvent the wheel? Every problem you’ll face as a VISUAL user will likely have already been met and solved by one of your peers – doesn’t it make sense to learn from others rather than not?
    • Open discussion about VISUAL and tips on how others use specific features
    • Bring your enhancements and have them voted on, see them in next release of VISUAL!
    • Presentations based on topics that you requested
    • User Roundtables with Synergy Advisors grouped by the focus areas of Financial, Manufacturing, and Technical
    • There are many optional modules / extensions for VISUAL – learn what works and what doesn’t from folks that use the solutions already.
    • Have fun!

As a loyal VISUAL user and a repeat User Group attendee we need your assistance in getting other VISUAL users interested in attending the User Group meetings. Are you willing to provide a testimonial about the benefits you receive from attending the User Group meetings? If so, please write your testimonial including your name, your company name and the date. Please click here to submit your testimonial.

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We believe the VISUAL User Groups provide a great platform to network with other users and to learn how to get the most out of your ERP investment, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what your fellow VISUAL users have to say…

“With the help of our vendor partner Synergy Resources through the ERP selection process, piloting, going live and continuously improving, we have total visibility, reporting and information sharing capabilities of Infor Visual Manufacturing that dramatically improved our business. Eliminating physical inventories, reducing lead times, easily keeping costing and pricing up to date, streamlining and controlling engineering changes and custom reporting are just some of the advantages we gained with Visual over our previous system.”

“From the beginning, we were strongly encouraged to attend User Group meetings to network, share ideas, get answers and contribute to conversations regarding Visual, and we have been members of VMNEUG since before we went live with the system in 2009. The opportunity to connect between expert users of all disciplines, Infor, Synergy, and other vendor partners directly at a very reasonable cost has helped us not only to have a good avenue to improve and learn, but also to give back to new users and encourage those potential Infor / Synergy customers through Q&A sessions, system enhancements, presentations and group discussion.”

Erik KjellquistIT Manager, Audiosears Corporation

“I attended my first Pennsylvania Visual Users Group Meeting on December 14th, 2016 which was hosted by Synergy and found it to be informative in many different respects. It is interesting to know that Infor really uses customer input to make improvements on their system. That is done by the number of users who agree with the idea that one user has suggested instead of someone in an office thinking what may help, not knowing actual the actual work environment.

The presentations were informative and one actually answered a question that was being asked with in my company.

It was also a place where I could connect and network with others in industry working with Visual. I could see this benefit for many reasons both present and in the future.

The people at Synergy created an environment where all the attendees felt comfortable and be able to contribute to the seminar.

I have already recommended attending the next seminar to others within my organization and plan to do so myself.”

John MacNairMaterials Manager, Laurell Technologies Corportation