Infor VISUAL ERP designed for Discrete Manufacturers

Uniquely suited for Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Configure to Order (CTO), and Mixed Mode Environments

“VISUAL allows us to maintain a very high level of goodwill with our customers.”

– Dan Goldberg, Senior Supply Chain Manager, L3 Telemetry

Synergy has been implementing VISUAL ERP with a growing list of small to mid-sized Manufacturing companies for over 25 years. A few of these advocates include:

• L3 Communications  • Winchester Electronics  • Instrument Technology, Inc. • Pyrotek

• Mid-Continent Engineering, Inc.  • Cadence  • Olympus  • BOMImed  • Premier Care

•K-Tec Earthmovers, Inc.  • Nortech Systems  • Ward Leonard  • Eberhard Manufacturing  


Today the VISUAL community has grown to over 5,000 companies and has become one of the most popular ERP system across North America!

VISUAL’s scalability allows companies to add advanced features as business needs grow. The diversity of its customers really drives that fact home.

VISUAL is made for companies in industries such as A&D, Metal/Wood/Plastic Fabrication, Industrial Machinery/Equipment, Automotive, Medical Device, Electronics, Furniture & Fixtures, and Job Shops.

We invite you to see for yourself, during this exclusive webinar, how VISUAL and Synergy can provide unique value for Manufacturing companies. We look forward to your participation! 

Webinar Highlights:

  • Overview of VISUAL ERP 
  • How VISUAL provides unique value for Manufacturing companies
  • Why partnering with Synergy will help you improve your business performance
  • Live demo to highlight topics such as: workflow, automation, process flow from quote to cash, production scheduling with new throughput improvement tools, and supply chain planning

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