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At the 2011 Synergy Resources VISUAL User Conference, Synergy Executive Mark Lilly presented the theme of the conference “VISUALize Manufacturing Success: How to gain a competitive advantage in Price, Delivery, Quality”:

Your customer is reviewing your quote that could turn into a potentially sizeable order.

You’re wondering what he’s thinking…

Whether this is an existing customer or a first time bid, what is your major selling point?

Price? Delivery? Quality?

Is it Price?

Do you have the best price? If you do, why? Is it the lowest price and you’re just hoping for some work to keep your people busy? Are you just buying the business in hopes of bigger orders for other products with better margins down the line from this client? Or are you 100% confident that even at that low price, you know none of your competitors will be able to match it, and that you’d earn an excellent margin? Or maybe you have a higher price, but you’re completely confident that the value of your reputation for delivery and quality in your marketplace far exceeds any price differential from your competitors?

Is it Delivery?

What did you tell him for delivery time in days or weeks? How sure are you that you’ll actually be able to deliver what he wants in that timeframe? Does it matter to him? Would he have cared if you said ½ that time and were able to back it up with real data on your delivery performance to him or other customers? Are you comfortable with the number you told him, or will your production manager “go ballistic” again if you do win the business and he hears what you told him.

Is it Quality?

What is the reputation of your company and products in the marketplace from a quality standpoint? On a scale from 1 – 10, if your customers or prospective clients had to give your company an overall Quality index, what would it be? Aside from price or delivery, what is it like to deal with your company’s customer service people? Do the simple things like shipping the right product in the right quantities to the right customer locations happen seamlessly 100% of the time, or do you tolerate those few mistakes, we’re only human anyway. And what of product quality itself? How much time, energy and administration does your company spend on rework or fighting fires? And is it before it goes out the door, or when it comes back on an RMA from the client?

Whether done explicitly or just by the history of impressions you’ve given him, your client has a rating of you and your company in these three areas, and it’s these impressions that he will use in his decision to award you his business or not.

How we help

How can we help you, the VISUAL User, make dramatic improvements in your business in these three areas, so that your customers, new or existing, will not just give you a decent rating, but have the best impression possible of you, and have no doubt whether to come back to you as their supplier of choice.
Price – through VISUAL’s ability to provide you with the best, most accurate visibility of your Revenue, Throughput, material, and production costs; in the past, now in the present, or projected in the future, so you’ll have the ability to make the best pricing and sourcing decisions possible.

Now is the time

Now is the time to uncover an idea or two, that will make a significant difference in your company’s business performance.

Now is the time to find an idea or two that will solidly improve how your company is perceived in your marketplace.

Now is the time to discover an idea to greatly exceed the abilities of your competitors, foreign or domestic, in the areas of Price, Delivery, and Quality, and reignite the passion, creativity, innovation, and excellence North American manufacturing is known for!

ThermoFab Price Story:

With shorter lead-times and more scheduling flexibility, ThermoFab offers its customers what Goldratt refers to as the “un-refusable offer.” “If we don’t ship on-time, we offer to pay a penalty,” says King. “This shows our commitment to quality and service. With one of our most strict customers, we offered them a contract to ship twice-a-month instead of once-a-month. We put the un-refusable offer on the table and got a one-year contract and a price increase.”
Delivery – through VISUAL’s patented Finite Scheduling tools, unsurpassed Throughput Analysis capabilities, or EasyLEAN Scheduling methodology’s “3 Simple Changes”, you can significantly, if not dramatically, improve your on-time delivery %, slash your quoted lead times to your clients, and maximize your throughput dollars to the bottomline.

GroovPin Delivery Story:

“We realized if we could make our own products faster than a boat could sail from China, than we could compete effectively. But to do that, we had to reduce our lead times and improve on-time delivery to customers. [3 months after implementing EasyLean,] we hit 95 percent on-time shipment. The improvement was very dramatic. In our customers’ eyes, we’re very close to being perfect.”
Quality – whether your customers are insisting on conformance to certain Quality certifications, such as ISO, AS9100 or 13485 or you’re just looking to institute a Total Quality Management methodology in your company, VISUAL and VISUAL Quality deliver results that give you a top-rated reputation in your marketplace!

Computer Design Quality Story:

After implementing VISUAL, the effect was immediate – and impressive. “We went from zero to hero,” with a longstanding medical products customer. Other customers, including prospects making site visits during the sales cycle were equally impressed. “We were astonished at the adjectives they used to describe our software – “Awesome”, “World Class” , “Where can I get it?”” – encapsulating the difference VISUAL made in Computer Designs.

Now is the time, email us today and start the conversation to improving your price, delivery and quality

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