Institute for Manufacturing and Academic Excellence (IMAE)

Institute for Manufacturing and Academic Excellence (IMAE)


What is the Institute for Manufacturing and Academic Excellence (IMAE)?

IMAE was founded in 2014 after the very successful collaboration of industry and academia professionals that produced ERP courses for college universities. That project proved the need to continue to gather subject matter that supported the “best practices” in manufacturing and make them available to industry and academia.   As important, IMAE set a goal to provide a simple and fast way for any person to become a published author.

For Synergy customers, our affiliation with IMAE provides two direct benefits. First, much of its information and courseware can be used to develop corporate training programs for employees.  Many of the books provide a very important understanding of basic ERP functionality.  Others, co-authored with Synergy, provide hands-on learning using the VISUAL system.  Synergy customers receive a 20% discount on any educational material from IMAE.  If you have an interest in developing a training course for your employees, please contact us.

The second benefit is that IMAE can assist anyone in our customer base in the publishing of their work. Books, guides, even white papers can all be published and IMAE supports the author through the entire process.  If the work is to be sold, there is an established royalty program for the author.

IMAE’s mission is to provide industry and academic institutions with publications and social platforms that contain the latest best of practices that are used in industry and academia. The authors that are selected by IMAE are subject matter experts – SMEs in their fields of operations management. They have utilized these best of practices to improve their respective enterprises.

If you have always wanted to publish, but didn’t know how, please contact IMAE. They will walk you through the steps to the next best decision you have made in your professional career.

Now accepting manuscripts for: Guides, Books and Whitepapers

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