How to Select ERP Software | Guide and Methodology

How To Select ERP Software

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How to Select ERP Software

There are over 1,000 manufacturing systems in North America and yet The Wall Street Journal stated that “73.8 % of all manufacturers are dissatisfied with their current ERP systems.”

FINALLY! An ERP selection process that works!

Why do so many manufacturers not like their current system? Maybe the legacy selection process most commonly used is flawed?

The legacy selection plan usually includes: An onerous system requirements definition, sent to a short list of vendors as an RFP for confirmation, that is so detailed the results are impossible to decipher; Multiple sales demonstrations that all look great; Telephone reference calls (guess which ones the ERP vendors give you?) Then VOILA! You have selected the very best system for your company.

Are you doing your best? Or are you gambling?

Systems today are very function rich. The more you evaluate systems, the more you realize none lack functionality. The reason they fail is not because they are missing features, it is the exact opposite. They are so feature rich they are cumbersome and too difficult to learn. Then why do we devote our entire search to evaluating which system has the best and/or most functionality

A Fresh Approach To Selecting ERP Systems

The selection process historically used, costs $10,000+ of internal resource time. If time is money, then condensing these evaluation steps adds profit to your bottom line.

How can we speed up the ERP selection process AND at the same time ensure our result will be successful?

The most important factor in selecting a new ERP is simple: make sure your company is successful with the new system. If most manufacturers are not satisfied with their current ERP system and used the same selection process as you are, why will your success rate be any different?

Maybe a different process should be investigated.

This comprehensive approach to selecting ERP is simply common sense. But even better, it will take less time, cost less and guarantees positive results.

When selecting ERP systems, there should only be one underlying goal; To ensure your company is successful with the new system. Shouldn’t all other considerations be secondary?

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