Prepare for the Factory of the Future
Growing manufacturers and those using entry-level accounting or legacy manufacturing ERP systems must modernize factory and business operations to remain competitive. To maintain their competitive edge, manufacturers…
ERP System Evaluation Checklist
Selecting an ERP system to run your business is a daunting decision that will affect your company for many years. Many products offer the same or similar…
Infor Industrial Manufacturing
Infor® Industrial Manufacturing solutions are purpose built to manage the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and strategic planning to shop floor management, quality control, and scheduling. With…
Executive Briefs
The Top 5 Issues in Industrial Machinery and Equipment Today
Cloud is about more than just saving IT costs. With cloud-based software, CIOs can delegate day-to-day software management to a cloud-based software provider and focus their team’s…
SourceDay AP Collaboration
SourceDay AP Collaboration leverages procurement automation to prevent problems for AP. By serving as one common platform for buyer, suppliers, AP, and others, collaboration is based on…
SourceDay PO Collaboration
SourceDay’s cloud based purchase order management system expands the capabilities of traditional ERP systems. By integrating with ERP systems, SourceDay automates the process of fulfilling PO requests…
Infor VISUAL Project Brochure
Business tools that project-oriented manufacturers need to streamline production, improve customer service and increase profitability. VISUAL ERP Project
Infor VISUAL Time and Attendance
Infor offers a time and labor management system: Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance. Available in a limited license and full-scale offering, you can track employee attendance,…
Infor VISUAL Multi-Site Brochure
Infor VISUAL Multi-Site gives you: Multi-entity and multi-site all in one database Consolidated financial reporting Financials from each site rolling up to the entity Separate manufacturing sites…
Infor VISUAL Financials
A fully integrated ERP for SMB Manufacturers, complete with flexible, multi-mfg facility, multi-warehouse, multi-company, multi-currency and multi-country financial management solution. Download Brochure
Infor VISUAL for Aerospace and Defense
VISUAL ERP for A&D combines all the features wanted by Commercial Aerospace contractors, with the stringent Government contract accounting needs for DoD and A&D contractors. Download Brochure
Infor VISUAL Brochure
VISUAL is the perfect combination of easy to learn and deep functionality. You will be able to serve your customers faster, with better information while at the…