New Hampshire Manufacturer Chooses VISUAL ERP Software, Spearheading Business Process Improvements and Quality Assurance

QA Technology’s comprehensive range of test probes and hyperboloid contacts are globally recognized by Engineers throughout the most recognized technology companies.

A meticulous commitment to quality begins with their processes and automated manufacturing capabilities. By designing, building and testing their own high-speed automation machines, utilizing 100% inspection, QA Technology assures the highest possible quality and accuracy of every component produced.

Technology and electronics manufacturers are facing unprecedented manufacturing complexities. Miniaturization and densification continues to move at a break-neck pace, while competitive pressures are squeezing production schedules and putting costs under scrutiny at every turn. QA Technology’s legacy ERP lacked several significant features that needed improvements including;

  • Cradle to Grave Lot Traceability
  • Multiple manufacturing routes for standard products with unique costing for each
  • Unique scheduling requirements that groups like set-ups with up to 4 characteristics
  • Fully Integrated Quality Assurance
  • World Class CRM

Since receiving their 1st U.S. patent in 1986, QA Tech has continued to enhance their state-of-the art capabilities for high-speed manufacturing automation; by improving the quality, performance, cost and speed of delivery. With an innate culture to quality, plus their documented system challenges, QA Technology initiated an 18-month ERP investigation including Sage X3, Global Shop, Syspro and Epicor. After their thorough review of all candidates, their decision became clear. VISUAL ERP was obviously designed specifically for small to mid-sized manufacturers, it also stood out as the only integrated solution which included all expectations (MRP, QA Management, Lot Traceability and Customer Relationship Management). In fact, every other ERP reviewed required the creation of multiple Work Orders to accommodate QA Technology’s stringent Lot Traceability capabilities. With VISUAL’s extensive proficiency with Aerospace and Medical Device manufacturers, Cradle to Grave Traceability is easily handled with just one click.

“After much debate and deliberation internally we felt that VISUAL had all the features and functionality that we were looking for and that Synergy would be an excellent partner to take us to the next level.”, Tony Bruzzese, IT Manager stated, “They really took the time to try to understand our business so they could craft a solution that would be appropriate for us.

As their VISUAL implementation kicks off, they look forward to resolving the current data silo short comings and reducing to a single repository, particularly their projected seamless integration of Quality objectives. They expect next year’s ISO 9001 re-certification to be the easiest they have ever had to endure.

QA Technology’s employees were projecting a clear and positive attitude as they recognized the power of VISUAL. “We know there is a lot of work ahead but it will be well worth it”, Bruzzese said.

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