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Public Site Furniture Manufacturer Plants its future with VISUAL ERP

Public Site Furniture Manufacturer Plants its future with VISUAL ERP

Maglin Site Furniture Inc. is a leading North American manufacturer of public site furnishings located in Woodstock, Ontario Canada. For over 30 years, Maglin has manufactured a wide range of products including seating, trash containers, bollards, bike racks, planters, and recycling stations. Supplying North Americas most demanding designers, architects, contractors, and developers; Maglin’s standard products, product variants, and original designs are known to meet the highest standards for design, durability, and dependability.

Maglin was having challenges with its existing ERP, as it was difficult for users to acquire, analyze, and act on critical manufacturing performance data or even carry out some of the fundamental daily tasks associated with their manufacturing process.

As Maglin’s manufacturing methods, modes, and locations further diversified, an ERP System that effectively provides mixed-mode concurrent support for make-to-stock, make-to-order, and Engineer-To-Order products was deemed necessary to continue utilizing their “just in time” production. Expectations for an ERP system that provided a hierarchical framework for accounting entities, manufacturing locations, and shared data, providing a single source system across multiple entities, sites, and geographies was becoming a ‘must have’. These were only a few of the areas targeted while evaluating new systems.

We chose Visual ERP because of its reputation within its manufacturing base and suiting our manufacturing methodology.

Initially the ERP investigation was led by the BDC ERP evaluation team (a division of the Gov’t sponsored Business Development Company). BDC introduced numerous ERP alternatives including SAP B1, Microsoft NAV, and SYSPRO. In time, VISUAL’s single click-drill downs, intuitive look and feel, ability to manage sub-contractors and easily accommodate inter-company mid-WIP transactions, set VISUAL apart.

Then to confirm Maglin’s conclusions, they conducted interviews of independent VISUAL customers. “Our many customer surveys confirmed Synergy’s professionalism and excellent customer service”.

Since deciding on VISUAL in Spring 2017, Maglin has been working in concert with Pemeco’s world class business improvement services towards ensuring Maglin’s management team was solidly in place, and were 100% prepared for the rigors of the forthcoming ERP implementation project. Key deliverables were defined, such as replacing Maglin’s current systems with a fully integrated, end to end solution, alleviating data access barriers via advanced user driven reporting tools, and easing system support requirements on a day to day basis.

VISUAL will provide the tools necessary to formalize material planning and shop floor scheduling processes in both make-to-stock (or forecast) and make-to-order environments taking full advantage of barcode transaction capabilities while also providing the integration tools and training necessary to support advanced business processes relating to Intercompany transactions, US jurisdictional sales tax calculations, and CAD Bill of Material integration.

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Looking for online self-led Infor VISUAL training?

Looking for online self-led Infor VISUAL training?

Synergy has combined our extensive VISUAL knowledge and experience to design an online-accessible, self-paced VISUAL training experience. Save time and money: whether used to get a new employee up to speed on core functionality, to learn about the latest features and functions, or to train a full team on process-based scenarios.