Manufacturing shop floor scheduling made easy

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is turning shop floor scheduling upside down!

Stop struggling with manual white boards, Excel spreadsheets or complex advanced planning and scheduling software. Instead, Protected Flow Manufacturing™ helps you focus on executing the right orders at the right time so that all your jobs finish early or on time. See how Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is able to show your bottlenecks and problem areas in the future by simulating the way you execute your orders every day!


“Having PFM just when orders began to pour in is proving to be very valuable. We can now see the load against all resources going forward into the future and most importantly see which ones are likely to be bottlenecks and which orders are unlikely to be delivered on time. Graphicast is now experiencing a very dynamic environment and we are determined not to be swamped by sudden success. We now know when each production order is likely to finish and let our customers know accordingly. If we must add additional capacity, we’re confident that doing so will improve on time delivery and throughput. Now we understand and see clearly what will happen to all deliveries by accepting that extra order.”

Val Zanchuk, President
Graphicast Inc.

Protected Flow Manufacturing


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