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With VISUAL ERP you can: Win more business on price

by giving you full visibility of your actual costs and potential throughput plays, allowing you to price your products aggressively, yet keeping a “win-win” with new and existing customers by delivering your product faster and on-time, every time with VISUAL ERP’s LEAN Scheduling software.

With VISUAL ERP, you can see opportunities to make more money (throughput!), and improve your customer service by better scheduling of people, machines, and material

Gain a reputation for outstanding quality in your industry

by implementing company-wide Quality Assurance / Compliance using VISUAL ERP Quality software.

Increase profits without increasing overhead

VISUAL is reasonably priced, easy to implement, and easy to learn.

You will be able to serve your customers faster, with better information while at the same time increasing throughput, productivity and profits.

Eliminate islands of information

Using VISUAL ERP, you can see any of your company’s information with the click of a mouse.

Whether it’s converting a quote to an order, viewing manufacturing cost detail on a workorder, or checking the scheduled finish date on the customer’s order, you can quickly and easily get the information that’s important to you in micro-seconds.

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Fast & Easy

Imagine the wealth of having all your company’s information easily accessible with just one click! VISUAL ERP is written from the ground up entirely in Microsoft Windows technology. All of the power of SQL is available: import, export, slice, dice, view, summarize, drill-down, drill-back, report on, link to, and email any of this information and more!


If there’s one constant in business, it’s change. With the flexibility of VISUAL ERP you can accomplish:

Manufacturing Modes

  • make-to-order
  • configure-to-order
  • assemble-to-order
  • make-to-stock
  • engineer-to-order
  • project-based


  • Multi-Company in a single or separate databases
  • Multi-Plant
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency

VISUAL ERP support centers and service consultants are available worldwide to support your global operations.

The Most Functionally Rich Manufacturing Software on the Market Today

VISUAL ERP has all the functionality that Manufacturing companies need to not just survive, but THRIVE in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace. VISUAL ERP’s patented capabilities help you win and keep more customers by giving you that edge you’ve been looking for to compete on Price, Delivery, and Quality.

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