VISUAL: Time and Attendance

  • Supervisory electronic time approvals
  • Complete attendance, timesheet and labor tracking
  • Extensive audit trails and employee histories
  • Paperless manufacturing labor data collection

Managing employee time and labor presents a number of unique, and often costly challenges. Lengthy manual procedures, human error, and the non-uniform application of policies and procedures all add up to lost time, employee dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity. Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance is the answer. This highly functional and affordable system fully automates your time and attendance data tracking needs, helping you eliminate wasted time and effort, and saving you money. Accurate time entries can save your company an average of ten wasted minutes each day—per employee. Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance helps eliminate the inevitable human error involved in processing time cards, which can cost your company up to eight percent of your total payroll. With seamless data exchange between Infor ERP VISUAL Payroll or other third-party payroll processors, Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance offers a significant ROI, often paying for itself within the first three to six months after implementation.

Flexibility and Functionality

Available in limited license and full-scale versions, Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance helps you easily track employee attendance, manual time sheets, and manufacturing labor. The customizable nature of Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance allows you to configure each data collection station to accept any or all types of tracked data, vacation request, and time card and schedule inquiry. User-definable compensation rules provide you with flexibility when defining work cycles and pay calendars, premium rules, and shift differentials. In addition to supporting both piecework and incentive pay, Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance applies the compensation rules when calculating earnings and exports the data to your payroll processor, ensuring legal compliance and consistent application of company policies, which significantly reduces potential liability. This comprehensive package also lets you track specific employee information such as hourly workers, pieceworkers, incentive pay, and both exempt and non-exempt salaried employees. You may opt for the system’s online time sheet log to track your salaried employees’ time versus the standard clocking functionality.

Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance Features:

  • Multi-level electronic approval of time entries with optional electronic signature functionality
  • Built-in, real-time manufacturing labor tracking with paperless option
  • Fully configurable data collection stations
  • Graphical data collection user interface running on PC, touch screen, Web browser, and devices running Windows Mobile 2003 or later
  • User-definable overtime, piecework, incentive, and shift differential rules, as well as work cycles, holiday and pay calendars
  • Flexible shift definition used to generate employee schedules
  • Work schedule tools that allow you to edit schedules, incorporate company holidays, and approved time off requests
  • Calculation of gross earnings and preparation of payroll entries, supporting Infor ERP VISUAL Payroll and other major payroll processor formats
  • Manufacturing labor cost adjustment options to reflect allocated premium, incentive, and/or shift differential values
  • Recorded audit trails of time edits with comments, user, and date and time stamp
  • Historical tracking of pay rates, and other key data with effective dates
  • Employee self-service features
  • Messaging and action triggers
  • Multi-site support
  • Web-enabled features
  • Data synchronization and import features

Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance Benefits:

  • Increase control with electronic time approval featuring optional electronic signature capabilities prior to calculation of employee earnings
  • Help ensure compliance and reduce liability with extensive audit trail records of employee information histories, and edits made to time entries
  • Maximize productivity with paperless manufacturing labor data collection, support of multiple hardware types, and direct interface to Infor ERP VISUAL shop floor data
  • Reduce potential payroll errors with auto-clock functionality using breaks and meals as per shift definition with settings for manual clock options
  • Automated recording of approved time off, and attendance violations based on user-defined grace periods
  • Reduce costs by making better use of management time with automatic generation of standard work schedules based on shift definition parameters, with the ability to update generated schedules and incorporate approved time off requests and observed holidays
  • Maintain real-time data with browser-based collection capabilities to track offsite users running Windows Mobile 2003 or later, or a standard PC-based Internet Explorer interface
  • Increase awareness with message trigger options to alert users to specific events or milestones
  • Reduce errors with synchronization between your Infor ERP VISUAL systems’ data and import capabilities to reduce redundant data entry
  • Comply with DCAA collection methods with Infor ERP VISUAL’s “total time accounting” functionality

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“We credit VISUAL as one of the keys to keeping us in business during the downturn. It enabled us to have tight control of our costs and inventory. I wouldn’t have wanted to face it without VISUAL.”

Jacky Beshar, Vice President

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