General Ledger

The General Ledger features in Infor Global Financials offer companies the control necessary to manage all financial accounting information. The system allows users to define a natural account segment and up to five additional segments, which provides complete flexibility when configuring account structures. The General Ledger is comprised of “posting accounts” that represent how your company stores and reports its financial data. The system derives financial balances from posting accounts associated with each transaction. In addition, Infor Global Financials can further categorize financial information by transaction type, affording you considerable flexibility when it comes to determining the desired level of analysis. Infor ERP™ also offers a robust consolidation utility that allows companies to easily roll-up financial results across multiple entities.

Features and Benefits

• Segmented Account Definition
• Multiple Documents
• Statistical Data
• Account Categories
• Budgeting
• Currency Definition and Revaluation
• Control Account Designation
• Tax Processing
• Apportionment
• Reporting

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“We credit VISUAL as one of the keys to keeping us in business during the downturn. It enabled us to have tight control of our costs and inventory. I wouldn’t have wanted to face it without VISUAL.”

Jacky Beshar, Vice President