Accounts Receivable Control

Accounts Receivable Control provides tools for companies to manage their customer relationships effectively. You can generate Accounts Receivable invoices from unbilled customer shipments in a batch or individually. Supporting multi-entity environments, the system separates related-party transactions from discrete customer transactions and maintains customers that are also suppliers and customers with multiple banking addresses.

Infor Global Financials keeps track of customer turnover easily allowing you to identify each customer’s contribution to revenue. The system also supports a fully functional cash receipts system that allows you to apply cash automatically or manually across one or more entities at a time and in any currency. The system also lets you accept payments via paper or electronically. It offers process controls that handle worldwide statutory tax requirements and also supports flexible payment terms, tax discounting, write-offs, and cash over/short handling. Accounts Receivable helps your company better manage customers by allowing you to define credit parameters within the system.

Features and Benefits

• Multi-currency
• Multi-company
• Flexible Payment Methods
• Multiple Media
• Multiple Invoice Terms
• Recurring Items
• Customer Agings
• Customer Statements
• Diary Notes with Status Tracking
• Customer Financial
• Performance Tracking

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“We credit VISUAL as one of the keys to keeping us in business during the downturn. It enabled us to have tight control of our costs and inventory. I wouldn’t have wanted to face it without VISUAL.”

Jacky Beshar, Vice President