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Dynamic Bill of Materials Assessment.

Find out in an instant if you are ready to build. Catch BOM shortages before they catch you!

Synergy BOM Xploder eliminates shortages and drastically improves your material visibility.

The idea behind the Synergy’s BOM Xploder is “Can I build it now?” In other words, do I have all the component materials for a finished product currently in stock available to be kitted and released to the floor right now? Synergy’s BOM Xploder allows you to see the entire availability picture of any of your products at a single glance.

Do you get caught with shortages when kitting all the components for an end product or an assembly? BOM Xpolder gives you the ability to see any shortages you may have at ANY level of the Bill of Material for that product. You can only get the whole picture by switching to different levels of the BOM and checking those components, and then check the components of those components, and so on and so on. Depending upon the number of levels a BOM has, and the number of parts at each level, this can be very time-consuming.

BOM Xploder explodes all those levels for you, giving you one view into the availability of ALL components at ALL levels.


  • Quickly and easily determine if you have all the stocked components and subassy’s necessary to build/kit a given product (Can I build it?).
  • See current and projected (future) availability of any part at any level of the BOM based upon current on-hand quantity, all incoming supply, and future demand as well.
  • Save time! Synergy BOM Xploder prevents having to physically stage or “kit” all the necessary materials to determine if there are enough to build a given quantity.


  • Find Shortages and find them fast!
  • Get a top level view of a job/work order and how many shortages that entire structure contains; then drill down level by level and see the number of shortages at each level as well.
  • Shortages at any level are actionable by clicking through the Material Planning Window for that part, allowing you to fix that shortage in real-time.
  • Ability to Sort, filter, and grouping of orders.
  • BOM drill down to see specific shortages – Simply drill-down into exploded Bill of Materials (BOM) to identify parts that have shortages identified.
  • Ability to Select a Work Order or Part and drill right into the VISUAL Material Planning Window, the Engineering Master Window and\or Traveller window
  • Easily maintain updates with auto updates, no uninstall or re-install.
  • Dynamic BOM assessment. Find out in an instant if you are ready to build

Easy to Implement and Install – get up and running on your BOM’s and Work-Orders in minutes with Synergy’s BOM Xploder!

Call today to schedule a free web presentation: 1-866-896-6347 or fill out the contact form to request more information about Synergy’s BOM Xploder today!

Freeman Marine goes deep for BOM Xploder

Freeman Marine Equipment, an Advantec Global Innovations company, has a reputation built on providing high-quality doors, hatches and windows for extreme-duty use, especially for the Marine industry.

From U.S. Coast Guard rescue boats, to large yachts, fishing vessels, and many other applications at sea and on land, Freeman Marine manufactures products that are often highly complex, for customers often under tight schedules for building or renovating sea-going vessels.

And it is that complexity that makes tracking parts for hundreds of work orders very, very demanding.  We have to understand the total part supply picture, which in the past has been very difficult because our sub-assemblies often go 4 to 6 levels deep, and we have hundreds of work orders in process at any given time.  We needed a tool that could give us an at-a-glance picture of which parts were constraining production, so we could focus our efforts efficiently.

It was a very frustrating effort—until we found BOM Xploder.  We were dazzled by being able to see the complete, exploded Bill of Material, color coded to let us know which parts needed attention.  After we implemented, our inventory lead commented, “I got rid of our Excel “hotlist”.

One of the aspects of Synergy Resources that delighted us was how responsive they were to requests for enhancements to BOM Xploder.  As a production scheduler who has to quote leadtimes, I was particularly jazzed when Synergy let me know they had enabled the program to function with Engineering Masters as well as Work Orders.  Finally—I can use a “live” tool to figure out if there are any really long-leadtime parts, buried 4 levels down, that need to be taken into account when estimating the leadtime for a product!

The technical skill of the Synergy staff, and the professional quality of the BOM Xploder product, make it a pleasure to recommend BOM Xploder as a vital tool for any discrete manufacturer who, like Freeman Marine, produces high-quality, complex products for the demanding global market.

Tom Huntford

Production Scheduler / MRP Administrator
Freeman Marine

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