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Ever wonder if VISUAL can do more? Of course you have!

Synergy Resources provides a collection of proven VISUAL ERP Extensions and modules that extends the functionality of your VISUAL ERP system. All applications are fully supported and are continually being enhanced with feedback from our field staff and our customers.

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Extension ProductsOverview >

Synergy Resources is pleased to offer an extensive range of technical and application oriented product solutions that can extend your Infor ERP VISUAL investment. These product extensions provide the added capabilities to handle industry or site specific requirements, whether your business is focused on automotive, consumer goods, metal fabrication, industrial equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, or a variety of other industries. We understand your industry’s requirements and can have solutions that will help your business succeed.

Synergy SmartViews >

See, analyze, and track information that helps you better support individual, departmental, and your company’s performance metrics and goals. Do all that with Synergy SmartViews. Making the right decision begins with this decision-support tool for your ERP application.

VISUAL Business Objects >

VISUAL Business Objects helps you save time writing your own applications and extensions by not having to recreate the entire set of “VISUAL Business Transactions wheel” Improve user productivity // Experience increased flexibility // Extend VISUAL to the web.

VISUAL Vendor Portals >

VISUAL Vendor Portals provides web-based access for your suppliers to review update your purchase order information and/or Request For Quote / Information / Price (RFQ/RFI/RFP). Web-based vendor portals // dynamic order tracking & updating

Synergy BOM Xploder >

BOM Xploder will drastically improve your BOM visibility and discover shortages at ANY level of your bill of material no matter how deep. Material visibility & expected part availability increases // dynamic BOM assesment.

Report Launchpad >

Report Launchpad will automate and simplify your report generation Accurate data // easy distribution // tighter security

Launchpad Scheduler >

Launchpad Scheduler allows you to put dynamic real time data to use. Real time data // Office integration // Less administrative effort.

ACH Document Processing >

Works seamlessly with the VISUAL Standard Financials application, leveraging VISUAL’s payment scheduling and batch payment functions, with the added convenience, performance, and security of Electronic Funds Transfer payment processing.

Credit Card Integration™ >

Next level, real time CC transactions. For Infor ERP VISUAL Standard Financials // seamless integration // gateway providers.

Shipper Connect >

Shipper Connect provides an interface between VISUAL, UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager® and USPS.


Contract Order & Forecast Import Tool >

This powerful tool can automate all of your pull-ins, push-outs, quantity changes and more! With the use of standardized files from your customers, you can easily update and import their order changes with the push of a button.>

Complete Ecommerce Solution for VISUAL ERP, PCI Compliant Hosting (shared and dedicated services), B2B and/or B2C Ecommerce portals, Customer Portals, VISUAL ERP integration to your website including licensing for VISUAL ERP Business Objects and SOAP API, Consultation/Configuration, Custom Services.


If you are a business running Infor VISUAL, it’s easy to automate your sales tax compliance process using AvaTax.

Belio, Digital Transformation


Each day, your field sales and service teams are out making deals and keeping customers happy. To help them meet goals and drive your business forward, your enterprise data needs to be accessible and visible — right where they work, right when they need it. And that’s exactly where Bezlio puts your data: in your users’ hands. No more lost or inaccurate data. No more missed sales or service opportunities. Just instant, secure, and reliable ERP and CRM data — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

ERP Financial Reporting

BMS365 e-Board App>

With this toolset, users gain the ability to access live financial data, adding drill down capability to support details and to export the financial statements to Microsoft Excel in one click. It contains 3 powerful modules: FinBoard, Audits and Gross Profit.


CADLink runs from your CAD system and takes data directly from the on screen drawing or model and integrates it with your VISUAL ERP.
Click here to view CADLink for VISUAL demo.


Expensify gives managers more visibility and control while empowering employees with a faster, easier way to capture and report their purchases.

Kebrite Solutions>

Job Tracking, Time and Attendance, HR Management, Payroll Solution for VISUAL ERP

Latitude Manifest & Shipping System>

Latitude Manifest & Shipping System provides a seamless multi-carrier shipping solution that integrates to Infor VISUAL. See how it can simplify your small parcel and LTL shipping and package tracking.


The industry’s first AI-driven predictive analytics platform for discrete manufacturers and machine builders. Award-winning Industry 4.0-ready solutions work out-of-the-box to increase equipment productivity and efficiency through Industrial IoT edge connectivity, real-time visibility, deep manufacturing analytics, and predictive and prescriptive alerts.

Quality for VISUAL by uniPoint>

Create, Link, Communicate, Track, and Manage the Life Cycle of Quality Activities and Documents.

RF Plus for VISUAL by Portable Intelligence>

RF Plus™ Warehouse Management System tracks inventory in real time.

Real Asset Management’s Asset4000 >

Real Asset Management’s (RAM) Asset4000 provides users with a system that can control and track changes to an asset throughout its lifecycle from the moment it is entered into the system. The software uses Synergy Resource’s standard connector to integrate with Infor VISUAL ERP software to enable users to efficiently and accurately account for their fixed assets.


VISUAL ERP Credit Card acceptance with Solupay. Qualify transactions at Level III interchange levels and save significantly on costs of acceptance.

SourceDay PO Management>

SourceDay’s cloud based purchase order management system expands the capabilities of traditional ERP systems. By integrating with ERP systems, SourceDay automates the process of fulfilling PO requests more easily, quickly and accurately. Everything you need to manage POs and buyer-supplier relationships is in one place.


SPS Commerce>

SPS Commerce offers fulfillment solutions that go beyond traditional EDI systems to enable at-a-glance visibility into orders, payments, shipments and returns. These world-class solutions redefine how accurately, efficiently and confidently businesses can fulfill orders and exceed expectations.

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