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Business Intelligence

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Open bottlenecks and deliver peak performance

With Business Intelligence tools, you can interpret and forecast your business’ performance from the front office to the shop floor.

Your company has tons of data. Your system has lots of data. How do you sift through it all to make the right decisions at the right time for the health of your company and to best serve your customers?

That’s what Business Intelligence means. Having Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you can trust, with drill-down (see greater, deeper detail) or drill-back (to view source documents from which the data came – invoices, orders, po’s, quotes, etc) to monitor and track how your company is performing against strategic and operational goals. Not only having the data to support key decisions, but proactively alerting you when certain areas of the business need attention. It turns reactivity into proactivity. It turns scrambling for data to resolve customer issues into creating and acting upon opportunities to better serve your clients.

Go beyond the statistics and find out what’s really happening.

But before we jump into the great software that enables you to do all this, you have to realize that the usefulness of the tool is only as good as the underlying data, which is only as good as the business processes used to get the data into the system, which are only as good as the operational level tactics and metrics driving the definition and flow of the processes, which is only as good as the focus the entire company has on the strategic goals and objectives established from the top. Click here to see how we help companies do all that:

What are the different types of Business Intelligence tools used by Synergy? There are a number of different tools that fall into one or more of the following: categories:

Real time Dashboards  |  Decision Support Systems  |  Reporting Tools


Imagine cutting through the clutter to get what’s vital with a reporting tool that’s easy to use, and already integrated to your data. Create your own drag & drop reports and dashboards, then drill down into the details – all without any IT assistance.
Synoptix is a business intelligence tool that combines spreadsheet and report writing functionality that allows you to create and analyze the reports you need to make important business decisions. Most Synoptix implementations ship with a variety of pre-defined spheres, including sales orders, work orders, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more. The application also includes a wizard for creating your own custom spheres, allowing you to view the information you need for your business.

Synoptix makes reporting from modern databases easy and efficient. It empowers users by making all the disparate information available in database tables intelligible, so you can produce the reports you need, when you need them. With Synoptix, writing reports is a simple point and click procedure that can be completed within minutes.

Real Results

  • Are your financial statements as easy to create as typing into excel/spreadsheet? Synoptix makes financial reporting extremely easy, and anyone that can use excel will be able to use synoptix. Simply add G/L accounts to cells on a spreadsheet. Create financial reports as easily as you create a standard spreadsheet, without having to rely on IT.
  • For most operational reports, you won’t require IT support either. Pre Built Spheres negate the need to figure out where to find data in your database.
  • Realtime Dashboards, graphs, & reports w/ Drill down all the way to the source data for further analysis and context
  • Schedule reports to be automatically updated and delivered to you via email or to your Sharepoint/File Location of choice. These reports can be delivered to anyone in your four walls or outside your four walls as an excel spreadsheet, adobe pdf file, and/or html file. HTML files have drill down to source data w/o need of Synoptix client
  • Consolidated reports across multiple entities/sites/databases even if different companies have unlike account structures.


  • Threaded Hyper Object Technology allows for lightning-fast report calculations.
  • Uses point-and-click report creation functionality, allowing you to select a sphere, drop in your data, and create your report.
  • Data is grouped in logical forms so you can create reports without the need for understanding complex database structures.
  • Reports feature drill-down functionality to allow you to see the source details used in the reports.
  • Dashboards and report packets present key information about your company’s performance quickly and clearly.


  • Easy Access to Accurate Data – Synoptix gives you access to the data you need, quickly and accurately.
  • Drill Down Access to Details – Not only do you have instant access to key business indicators, you also have immediate access to the details that make up those numbers.
  • Reporting Made Easy – Creating reports is effortless with Synpotix’s point-and-click report creation.


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Infor Performance Management 10 (PM10)

Your business is unique, as are your information needs. Synergy offers a variety of solutions to help people at all levels of your organization streamline processes, generate actionable business insights, and make knowledgeable decisions that help improve company-wide performance. Move beyond financial performance measurement to true performance management with Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10).

You can direct the focus and actions of your organization through strategic management. You can align resources with corporate objectives through financial and operational planning, flexible budgeting, and realistic forecasting. And you can monitor and control performance with meaningful reporting and analysis that lead to better decisions. Build a better business with these Corporate Performance Management solutions:

Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10) offers pre-built integrations, reports, and analyses that make it easy for people at all levels of your company to unlock and use the valuable information captured in your existing ERP and other business systems. Using dashboards, gauges, scorecards, and other types of at-a-glance reports, you gain the insight required to support daily and strategic decision making.

Corporate Performance Management allows you to report in a timely manner, analyze all your data, monitor key thresholds, and notify decision makers, all on a single, proven architecture. Our performance management applications use Infor’s interoperability layer to report against all Infor and non-Infor operational systems and relational data sources. You can also easily analyze all your data and provide at-a-glance snapshots of business performance, creating alerts for decision makers when key thresholds are not met.

Strategic Management—Get a cause-and-effect framework for linking strategic plans to operational plans, performance measures, and people. Gain an intuitive, visual method of reporting on how the actions of operating units and individuals are contributing to the success of strategic goals. Understand not only the business events and source of revenue in a given period, but also whether your strategic plan was implemented, to what degree, how well, and why some actions were successful while others were not.

Planning and Budgeting

Easily create and compare multiple “what if” scenarios, test assumptions, assess the impact of events, and model your business to meet targets and high-level objectives. Model your business using key drivers and view that model from multiple perspectives (for example, organization, product, market, distribution channel, and time) to support effective decision making.
At the same time, design any number of zero-based, historical-based, and rolling budgets and plans. Use this application to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, allocations, phasing, and currency translations. Because Corporate Performance Management’s Microsoft® Excel® interface sits on top of a single database, you retain the familiar look and feel of spreadsheets, while eliminating problems with
accuracy and version control. When a business change occurs, Corporate Performance Management automatically updates the affected numbers and reports throughout the system.

Infor10 Corporate Performance Management:


Create statistically accurate forecasts that help you manage performance expectations, make tactical adjustments, and achieve performance goals. Generate rolling forecasts, check the accuracy of submitted plans, and receive automatic alerts that allow you to easily spot issues as they arise, and quickly take action. Combining the software’s statistical benchmark engine and analytic capabilities with your own experience, you gain a more accurate picture of future performance.

Financial Consolidation

Improve corporate accountability, increase financial transparency, and meet
governmentmandated reporting deadlines confidently. Automate data loading, consolidation, and validation, even if your company has multiple general ledgers, charts of accounts, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Collect, process, report, and analyze data in multiple
currencies, and report on the effects of currency fluctuations. Consolidate data according to local and international standards, and view it from many business perspectives (for example, geographic region and product line) and structure versions (for instance, this year’s results and last year’s results).

Financial Reporting

Automate the generation, formatting, and distribution of book-quality financial statements and management reports. Present data in the most useful format—dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets, colorcoded tables, bubble charts, pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs—and receive early-warning alerts when results deviate from expected performance. Compare actual figures against budgets and forecasts, drill down into details, evaluate trends, and see the results of currency fluctuations.