How to Become One of the 26.2%

Did your last ERP system cost too much to implement? Did it take too long to put into action?  If so, you may be one of the 73.8% of manufacturing companies that are not happy with their ERP system.

This Whitepaper is designed to help your company understand why ERP projects stand a better chance for success when objectives are clear, goals are defined, roles & responsibilities are communicated and business processes are aligned.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Why, in order to get the best results from ERP, you have to stop focusing on ERP.
  • What objectives have helped other ERP implementation projects be successful?
  • How to avoid “silo syndrome” when working with teams.
  • What a business process blueprint is and why you need one before you take your first step.
  • What typical project goals should look like when expressed as business metrics.

There are over 1,000 manufacturing systems in North America and yet The Wall Street Journal has stated “73.8 % of all manufacturers are dissatisfied with their currentERP systems.” Don’t be one of them, watch this whitepaper and arm yourself with the information you need to make a sound selection.