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Dramatic Results

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No two businesses are alike, nor are processes. Synergy provides services that shape to your unique business operations. Our solutions are personalized to each of our clients, providing dynamic and substantial results.

Whether it’s adding rock solid technology with feature rich functionality or analyzing each channel of your business processes to maximize and streamline workflow; Synergy is with you every step of the way.

With Synergy’s decades of hands-on experience and expertise, we deliver time tested ERP systems to manufacturers, and in concert, re-engineer business processes, maximizing your new systems’ potential.

Synergy Resources is dedicated to elevating the operational excellence of our valued customers by providing the expertise, guidance and tools required to allow our customers to improve their core competencies in order to meet or exceed their business goals.

Our mission is simple


Our flow is so balanced that we don’t expedite material anymore. The change was so quick and dramatic that one of our larger suppliers made a special trip to see us. Because suddenly we had stopped our constant expediting and emergency shipments, they thought we had engaged another supplier, even though we were buying as much or more from them as we ever had.

Our customers are very happy with our performance improvement. One of our larger customers, for example, constantly changed delivery requirements inside our ‘frozen zone.’ Our delivery performance was suffering. But with the [new] approach, we haven’t missed an expedited delivery date in three months.

Only 39 days to transform into a company that can manufacture at warp speed, faster than any of our competitors. We are exceeding all of our plans and expectations.” “Cost-effective, on-time deliveries are about the only advantages we have left to exploit. [After our improvement project] things go through quicker, and you get the double bonus of throughput dollars first and then the premium price second.” “…gives you the ability to always be working on what needs to be worked on, and that just says it all for us. Our managers have really bought into the system because it makes their lives so much easier. If you ask me whether or not it will help other companies reduce their lead times, boost their on-time delivery, and improve their shop floor operation, my answer is ‘yes, yes, yes.’

We recovered our investment in less than three months. The big driver has been overtime reduction. In the six months prior we were averaging $17,104 in overtime per month. In the last three months, we’ve averaged $5,849 in overtime. However, the overtime trend has been moving steeply downward. In June, we only had $1,206 in overtime. Throughput is up 10%.

What would it cost you to spend a few minutes talking to us? More importantly, what is it costing you not to? Let’s start the conversation.

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