Mark Lilly to present Protected Flow Manufacturing™ at MANTEC Business Growth Conference

We’re very pleased to announce that Mark Lilly will present Protected Flow Manufacturing™ at the 5th annual MANTEC Business Growth Conference on March 30, 2017 in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

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Session Title: Powerful Shop Floor Scheduling Made Simple

Session Description:

“Why do manufacturers struggle to meet their promises for delivering to their customers on time? We examine the major causes of this, and then introduce a new approach to solve this issue. Protected Flow Manufacturing combines LEAN/TOC principles to simplify shop floor execution and planning, while at the same time ensuring that orders get to your customers on-time, in less time, every time.


Learn the 3 major misperceptions that cause poor delivery performance, and the 2 main concepts from LEAN and TOC that provide a new perception that increase flow.

Learn how Protected Flow Manufacturing leverages these concepts to reduce leadtimes and improve delivery performance while simplifying shop floor scheduling (execution and planning).

Walk through a simulation of Protected Flow Manufacturing to see how it works in a real custom manufacturing shop.