Two Key Implementation Steps to Avoid

Written by Greg Miller of Synergy Resources

Scheduling Complexity – Less is Better!

Is your current ERP scheduling system not delivering credible results?  Do you find yourself creating the “real schedule” outside of your ERP system?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many companies are currently faced with inaccurate and ineffective ERP system-generated production schedules due to common mistakes made during implementation.  Today’s ERP scheduling engines are built to be flexible and able to handle complex scheduling environments.  As a result, clients are inclined to want to use all of the features designed for complex environments even if their scheduling climate is low-to-moderate complexity.  Overly complex scheduling set-up configurations can be a leading cause of inaccurate and unreliable schedules.  Synergy Resources has proven Scheduling implementation methods to match the demands of your production environments, give us a call today 866-896-6347 to bring credibility back to your production schedules!

 ERP Self-Implementation – What’s the Real Cost?

Are you contemplating implementing a new ERP system?  Does Corporate support the idea but allocate only a fraction of the implementation costs in your annual budget?  If so, proceed with caution.  Your company is investing in new technology, presenting an opportunity to streamline your business processes and expects to see improvement results.  Don’t sell yourself short by trying to “save” the company money by taking on the entire ERP implementation yourself.  As ERP implementation professionals, we see the results of these short-sighted decisions all too often.  We are frequently asked to assist a customer who had gone this route and cannot achieve the desired company results with the new system.   The total cost to engage an ERP professional post-implementation to repair the environment and get results, can far exceed the initial cost of doing it right the first time.  Ask yourself “What’s this decision to self-implement really going to cost us?  What’s the real risk and potential reward?”  Partner with an ERP expert on your upcoming implementation if you are looking for least-cost results!