Infor Announces “Parallel Tracks” for VISUAL Users

Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips announced at a keynote address for 500 VISUAL users at VISUAL Connect in New Orleans Tuesday, that VISUAL users now have a choice of staying on VISUAL’s current SQL Windows architecture, a platform that will continue to be enhanced and supported indefinitely, or moving to Infor’s Cloudsuite Business product, one of Infor’s new “Infor Xi” cloud-based solution set.

Infor Cloudsuite Business

will have several major areas of VISUAL incorporated into it such as the Manufacturing Window, Scheduling & Throughput Windows, EasyLean, and Actual Costing functionality.

This new option eliminates the previous mandate for companies to undergo what was previously a forced upgrade to a different technology platform.  Customers wanting to move to the cloud and still retain what they know and love in VISUAL, will be able to utilize the VISUAL functionality that will be incorporated into Cloudsuite Business by mid 2015.

Directly following the announcement, Infor VISUAL Product Manager Rich Lagoy announced many new enhancement initiatives for VISUAL’s next release in productivity, indepth functionality, and scalability including many enhancement requests from User Groups.