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How to Quote Faster with Infor CPQ

How to Quote Faster with Infor CPQ

Manufacturers often overlook one vital unit to their organization; their sales team.

It is easy to get distracted with the production process and completely overlook the rest. Are you empowering your sales department to be their best? An empowered sales organization beats the competition, closes more deals, and drives revenue for your business. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most.

Think of your ordering process. Does a quote take a few days to produce?

Ordinarily, the customer sends their product requirements to the salesperson for them to configure, price, and quote that product. The salesperson will configure the product and ensure that all product options align. Then, they will price all of the different options. Lastly, they will create a quote with this information and send it to the waiting customer. This process can involve several different people and be extremely tedious. In the amount of time it takes for your salesperson to create a quote, their customer could be receiving quotes from your competitors. If a lengthy ordering process is your reality, you can fix this issue with one simple solution.

You can take your quoting time from a couple days to minutes with Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Instead of the customer communicating their needs and your salesman sending them a quote a day later, they can jointly configure, price, and quote, the order instantly. Product options are presented in a step by step process that instantly configures the products. This eliminates any potential for error and allows your newest sales members to be instant experts on your products.

Infor CPQ is not solely for the initial quote but can also be used to edit an existing quote. For example, your customer wants to make some last-minute changes to the products you have quoted them. We will use doors in this example, but CPQ can be customized. You have your final quote prepared and you are eager to place the order when the customer mentions that they would like to change the color of the doors. Instead of individually going into a quote and changing each item, you can use CPQ software to rapidly change all the doors with just a few clicks.

Watch as we demonstrate how easy it is to make these changes using Infor CPQ.



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This blog post was written by Synergy’s Infor CPQ Partner, RenaissanceTech.

About RenaissanceTech:

RenaissanceTech specializes in Infor CPQ purchasing, implementation, training, and custom development. With over 200 project implementations, they are well-seasoned CPQ professionals.

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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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