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The First Step of Your Digital Transformation Requires Steps

How Manufacturers Can Get the Most from their Business Solutions Consultant’s Walkthrough

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The digital transformation of your business requires a total solution – not just software. You need to align your people and processes with technology to achieve the desired outcome.

To be clear, the goal of many software companies is the sale of software, not necessarily your success. Lately, Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors have proliferated; promising the allure of instant, turnkey results with the least amount of effort. It may be tempting, but manufacturers like you should first make certain that you’re not confusing a technology – in this case, the Cloud – with a solution that helps your manufacturing enterprise solve its most pressing business challenges.

The first step of your digital transformation requires steps – by that we mean physical steps. Your solutions provider should care enough to send a Solutions Consultant onsite to walk the shop floor with you. The goal of the walkthrough is to get to know your company.  After all, the solution must be about you – not the software.  What are your company’s unique challenges, aspirations, and objectives? How can the software help your organization achieve its goals?

As you walk the shop floor with your Solutions Consultant, use this valuable opportunity to talk about transformative change.  To get the most from this conversation, consider a few of the following topics:

  • Show how your shop floor is laid out. Explain the process flow and how resources are coordinated. What are the most critical business issues that you need to solve?  Are there best practices used by other, similar manufacturers that can be applied to your business?
  • Share the reports your management team relies upon most to make critical business decisions. What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) your company uses to measure its success? Are there other metrics that might prove useful to you? If so, how might these KPIs help raise productivity and efficiency in your organization to a higher level?
  • Introduce the people who will be using the software. Discuss your company’s culture and its aptitude with technology. What are the appropriate solutions can deliver the greatest result with the least amount of effort? Are there other technologies that can help your company do more but will require more training and oversight? 

The difference between a change in software and a digital transformation should now be clearer. Are you refreshing your computer system with a software package that looks nice but merely does the same thing as before? Or are you strategically implementing technology in a way that improves efficiency and better connects your company with its partners, suppliers and customers?

The digital transformation is an opportunity to move your business forward – but it’s an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Your success is paramount.  Working with a business Solutions Consultant who understands you and your industry, like Synergy Resources, is critical. Together, we can ensure that your digital transformation succeeds in helping your business gain advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Invite us in to review your operations first hand to confirm that what’s worked for so many manufacturing companies will also work for you.

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12 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Implementation Partner”

Authored by: Thomas M. Birdwell, III – Birdwell International

Is your technology aligned with your business goals? When was the last time your Solutions Consultant walked with you through the plant? Do you manage to the key performance indicators that drive your company’s success? Drop a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!