Gene Caiola: Co-Owner, Director of Services

Gene began his career working for both small and large manufacturers in the Northeast in the areas of production and shop floor control, quality, accounting and IT. In 1994, Gene and Mark Lilly began the foundation for Synergy Resources with a common vision of delivering mission critical services to the manufacturing industry. Gene continues to participate in all aspects of a customer project to ensure that Synergy delivers the highest level of customer service across the strategic, business system and technical divisions of the company.

As a proponent of fostering strong educational/business community relationships, Gene has worked with local colleges to develop curriculums that provide students with ‘hands on’ ERP skills through the use of ERP software in the classroom. Through this relationship Gene also teaches Operation and Supply Chain Management courses at Farmingdale State University and is an active member its ERP Business Alliance project.

Mark Lilly: Co-owner, Director of Sales and Marketing

Mark’s passion is revealing the gap between the status quo within a company, and the potential performance that could be achieved with a plan and the right software. He’s been doing it for over 20 years for small to medium manufacturing companies, primarily by showing them the capabilities ERP software has to “dramatically” improve their business performance. He especially likes to focus on the competitive capabilities of the company and show how they would be able to gain an advantage in the areas of their price, delivery performance, or quality of their product or processes.

But even the best software can’t do a thing without an implementation plan that focuses on delivering the desired results. It’s all about motivating people to modify their behavior to support the actions necessary to effect the desired…wait for it…Change.

Not easy, that change thing! After acquiring a foundation of knowledge in computer science and psychology at Cornell 25 years ago, he’s continued to learn both the technology and people side of the equation in making significant and lasting changes in the business performance of a company.

Considering his father created VISUAL Manufacturing, he is very proud of that software and its capabilities. For more on his dad and the history of VISUAL, Click here. But he’s also extremely proud of the team of Strategic, Manufacturing, Financial and Technical consultants that are the employees of Synergy Resources ready to help you uncover your company’s potential and become one of the many business improvement success stories Mark likes to brag about.

Michael Canty: Director of Strategic Business Services

Throughout his thirty plus years of service, Michael has been recognized for his accomplishments in successfully implementing programs to transform and improve all phases of the business enterprises he worked with. Recognized as a seasoned executive, Michael most recently lead, influenced and executed a Lean enterprise strategy across the North American operations of a multi-billion, multi-national, multi-facility manufacturing organization.

A committed lifelong learner with a passion to share knowledge with others, Michael has used his vast knowledge and by applying various strategies, technologies, and methodologies, helped a large number of organizations develop and implement effective business strategies leading to improved operational performance. In so doing, Michael has earned the respect of his employers and customers throughout his career.