Introducing Demand Driven MRP

Cut inventory by 35% while achieving 99.5% availability

MRP only Speculates (using Push and Promote) Help Your Distribution Network Thrive with Position and Pull

Is it possible to maximize inventory availability, virtually eliminate stock-outs, and at the same time reduce your inventory carrying cost? Demand Driven MRP is an innovative planning methodology that aligns resources, working capital and supply chain planning and execution to actual demand.

Through innovative and intuitive approaches and fundamental planning changes DDMRP ends the compromises and dramatically augments the effectiveness of a company’s planning organization.

DDMRP has already generated very impressive results rapidly in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Unilever, Oregon Freeze Dry and many more) and other industries like (LeTourneau, Carlisle Brake & Friction, Tube Forgings of America).

Find out how by Downloading Synergy’s Free DDMRP Simulator!

The world’s first fully compliant DDMRP application Replenishment+® is now available from Synergy

Demand Driven MRP is a production planning and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. Replenishment+ is a DDMRP system is intended to simultaneously meet three objectives:

  • Ensure materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers.
  • Maintain the lowest possible material and available product levels.
  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.


  • Fully Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) compliant
  • Integrates with all major ERP systems
  • Implements in 90 days
  • Dynamically adjusts range of acceptable inventory levels for each item based on past, history, recent usage and predicted changes (forecast)
  • Provides ordering end expediting signals based on actual consumption
  • Provides clear order priority for manufacturing and purchasing


  • Superior FLOW – Increased Return on Average Capital Employed (RACE)
  • 30-45% less cash tied up in inventory
  • Near flawless fill rates
  • Minimal expediting costs
  • Minimal shortages/back orders
  • Increased sales

Relevant Industries:

  • DDMRP is best suited for Distributors and Discrete Manufacturers of all kinds – Contact us today and see how DDMRP can work for you

Introducing Replenishment+

Want to learn more?

Demand Driven Institute has a good home page to let you learn more via videos, articles, courses and more

Beyond MRP website that includes 4 white papers on the subject

Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning 3rd Edition, by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith contains the most extensive description and explanation of Demand Driven MRP