What is Synergy Cloud?

Synergy Resources and Diverse Technology Solutions have teamed up to develop VISUAL Manufacturing ERP in a VISUAL certified cloud hosted environment. This hosted Virtual server based solution houses the entire VISUAL software suite and is delivered through a web browser. This unique configuration provides the ability to logon to your business applications anytime, anywhere from any device. Simply launch any internet browser, login and your powerful set of business tools and applications are presented in a Microsoft Desktop.

Based on 25 years of VISUAL configuration experience, Synergy Cloud is the only cloud environment built specifically for VISUAL and delivers the highest level of dependability, performance and accessibility for the VISUAL user.

Why use a Cloud Hosted VISUAL ERP solution?

#1 Cost Savings!

Our customers realize a 30-70% overall annual cost savings on their IT budget by relocating their data from the closet, to the cloud. No more costly server hardware and infrastructure to maintain. No more license renewals. No more downtime from PC related issues for employees. Our virtual desktop hosting service delivers true IT as a service including deployment of your business applications and data into a secure private cloud, data security setup, virtual desktop and server deployment and application integration. Combine this with our world-class end-user help desk support and the Synergy Cloud service makes a compelling argument against any other IT model. Virtual Desktop greatly reduces IT capital expenses and IT management costs.

#2  Better Security!

The Synergy Cloud 7 layer network security model provides far better security to protect your data than typical on premise network security. Our solution is a private cloud hosting solution with resources (processor, memory and storage) statically configured for each individual customer. Our cloud infrastructure meets all compliance standards for PCI, HIPAA, SEC and SOX. 24×7 network monitoring and intrusion detection systems are standard features included to best protect your data.

#3  Increased Productivity!

Synergy Cloud sets the standard on productivity and efficiency allowing access to your data and applications through a web browser. Accessibility to data and applications for remote locations and users is easy. Our solution enables instant logon access through an internet browser and does not require any client side software to be installed. PC issues will never hinder an employee’s productivity again as they can simply gain access to their virtual desktop from any PC or device without the delay of client side applications needing to be installed.

#4  Better Disaster Recovery!

Virus protection, backups and disaster recovery are built into the Synergy Cloud solution. Our data center hardware is completely redundant, including all storage systems and front end servers. Clients have the option to replicate data between multiple data centers. Backups of virtual servers and data are monitored daily by our support help desk and guaranteed.

#5  A Complete Service Offering!

Synergy Cloud offers you services beyond what you can get through standard cloud services. Our experience with every aspect of VISUAL allows us to support the maintenance of various test environments, application of code updates and a full support plan when upgrading to the newest version of VISUAL. These support levels are chosen by you and are then built into your monthly cloud cost. This ensures that you are always ready to review, test and upgrade new application code or a new version without any surprise expense when new VISUAL versions are released.

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