Quality Management Services

Our goal is to enable organizations to successfully apply process and system thinking in the real world to fulfill otherwise unattainable objectives.

The goal of your Quality Management System (QMS) is not to just comply with the applicable ISO standard(s) but to interpret the requirements in order to add value to your organization. This is accomplished through increased effectiveness, efficiency and lower cost.

Our quality specialist’s focuses on sustainable, result-driven improvement derived from targets establish during our QMS assessments. These targets are then made visible to all employees and improvements are monitored on an on-going basis.

We also work with companies to help simplify the documentation needed to manage and improve your QMS while remaining compliant. We believe your QMS should contribute to significant, sustainable advances in business performance and the overall competitiveness of the company and not seen as expense or burden to the operation.


Our customers agree, we bring innovative and proactive ways of improving, growing and protecting their business.

Warner Power

“Many people believe that the implementation of a QMS software package, like Visual Quality, is the starting point to building a solid Quality data collection program, install the software and plug in the data. Not true. Your processes must be in place well in advance. But how well are you doing with that? Synergy Resources helped us determine just that with their Quality Assessment. Synergy Resources provided an unbiased, current state look into our company’s quality management systems as it related to our business, not just to a specific quality standard audit. They provided solid feedback and participated in subsequent internal conversations to help guide us forward into our current phase, the implementation of Visual Quality. “

Lori Mullen, Director of Information Systems

Omni Components

“The Strategic Business Services division held an 8D Problem Solving Workshop at our facility. The workshop provided training and part of the session included breaking into teams and working on real problems in our company. The 8D program presented at the workshop contributed to immediate improvement in our problem solving activity, helping to lower cost and reduce lead-times.”

David Ryti

David Ryti is the Director of Quality for Omni Components located in Hudson NH. Omni is dedicated to providing engineered solutions and precision machining services to Customers engaged in medical, aerospace, optical, communications, electronics, instrumentation and commercial high-tech markets requiring precise components manufactured to demanding specifications. A total commitment to quality is the strength of the Omni organization, as they work to ensure strict attention to Customer service and expectations.


Companies that implement business systems without addressing the foundational management and process issues first, quickly find out that they are only masking the real business issues. To perform at a much higher level we believe companies must be strategically focused and organizational aligned.

Improvement Reviews

✓ Quality Management System Review

Training / Employee Development

✓ Problem Solving
✓ Internal Auditor


✓ Business Process Mapping (BPM)
✓ Supplier Performance Management


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