Operational Planning


Strategic business plans are used to define WHY and WHAT (step 1 and 2) while the operational plan needed to carry out the strategic plan defines WHO (step-3) and HOW (steps-4).


A series of workshops administered by Synergy business improvement experts carefully guide a team of cross-functional employees through the WHO and HOW steps of the operational planning process. The team will review the company’s strategic business plan as well as the company’s current state and future state value stream map. Synergy business improvement experts will then interview managers, supervisors and key employees before performing an overall business assessment of the shop floor, business processes and business systems leading to a documented approach and program consistent with strategic company objectives


  • The plan connects all levels of the organization with a documented “recipe” of how the company will achieve the desire or future state.
  • Establishes the initial 6-month improvement schedule carefully aligned to measurable results and linked to key performance indicators.
  • Establishes initial training programs concentrated on employee development.
  • Provides clarity to the questions;
  • Who will participate in the planning? Who will need to be involved in the execution? Who is expected to do what?
  • How will we achieve the stated objectives? How will we engage/train our employees? How will we measure our progress?



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