The speed in which business integration takes place (2 or more business merging) is directly proportional to both the cost of integration and the customer retention rate. Failure to integrate businesses in a rapid and effective manner can result in serious performance problems and threaten the financial impact of the integration. Synergy’s integration management program helps to protect companies from these costly delays.


The integration process activities focus on four key endeavors; Organization, Process, People and Systems. As a partner in the integration program Synergy Resources focuses attention on the process and the systems. These activities will have some influence on the people involved as well as the organization and frequently result in improvement recommendations as well from the program leader.


  • Gain access to Synergy’s specialized expertise in order to realize a rapid integration. This minimizes the situation where managers and employees find that they are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it or that they have limited bandwidth to solve the problem.
  • Obtain a comprehensive and objective operational assessment performed by Synergy experts to pinpoint gaps between the integrating organizations processes and business systems. Businesses frequently realize significant savings by hiring subject matter experts when they are needed, rather than hire or consume a full-time employee.
  • Develop a long term partnership with experienced and knowledgeable experts that help to develop and then execute the integration plan to implement standard business practices, effective business systems and continuous improvement programs.