Lean Program Planning and Assessment


Organizations know the shop floor and business processes of an organization can be more efficient. Quality can be improved. Costs can be reduced. Sales can grow faster. And the company can be more profitable. The Lean planning and assessment program helps answer the questions; What? Who? How?


Whether you are in the planning phase of your improvement program or have an active program in place Synergy Resources improvement experts provide clarity to needs and opportunities. Our systematic Lean-Sigma program assessment is based on a series of comparison points to measure progress over time. This allows benchmarking on the key areas of your program’s health.


  • Engage employees in a dialog regarding program opportunities, issues and potential or existing barriers leading to a clear direction and required measurement tools going forward
  • Obtain a comprehensive and objective program assessment performed by Synergy experts to help design an effective program or to pinpoint opportunities and gaps in the existing program.
  • Answer the questions;
  • How do we get started with an improvement program?
  • Is our deployment producing the level of results we want? If not, how do you put our deployment back on track?
  • How will we engage/train our employees?
  • How will we measure our progress?

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