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Strategic Business Services

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Strategic Business Services

Our success is measured by your improved business performance

For companies serious about improving business performance and with the resolve to take the necessary action, Synergy’s Strategic Business Services team offers a hands-on approach to sustainable performance improvement.

We will work with your team to assess, develop, align and execute the necessary action needed to put you on the road to improved performance. Then we stay around to help ensure the improvements are sustainable and that they drive results to the bottom line.


Our customers agree, we bring innovative and proactive ways of improving, growing and protecting their business

Hamilton Associates

“We engaged Synergy Resources for a strategic business analysis that made obvious our need for a more structured, more aggressive approach to continual improvement. While the diagnosis was important, what has been even more impressive is how Synergy has helped us execute a Lean implementation to achieve this end. Synergy brought a proven, turn-key system, with the people, the training, and the tools to get our fledgling program off the ground and gaining its own momentum from day one. Since then, they have continued to support us with progress monitoring, ongoing training, and trusted counsel to keep us on the right track. These aren’t just consultants – they’re do-ers, whose energy and enthusiasm have challenged us to speed our own drumbeat. We have achieved meaningful gains that we simply could not have made without them.”

Douglas Hamilton, III
CEO, Hamilton Associates

Hamilton Associates,Inc., is the corporate and administrative backbone of three inter-related manufacturing firms: Elevator Safety Company, Inc. (ELSCO), Air Techniques International (ATI), and Dirtkiller

Olympus NDT

“After attending a Synergy Resources Operational Boot Camp put on by the Strategic Business Services Division we immediately implemented ideas presented at the workshop that contributed to a significant improvement in our on-time delivery. We continue to use the handbook provided during the workshop to remind us of the techniques that can be applied throughout the business to bring forth performance improvements.”

Alain Laboissonniere

Alain is the Director of Operations for Olympus NDT, Quebec. Olympus NDT provides an industry-leading portfolio of innovative test, measurement, and imaging instruments. Olympus instruments are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, and automotive to consumer products. Olympus instruments contribute to the quality of products and add to the safety of infrastructure and facilities.

Warner Power

“Many people believe that the implementation of a QMS software package, like Visual Quality, is the starting point to building a solid Quality data collection program, install the software and plug in the data. Not true. Your processes must be in place well in advance. But how well are you doing with that? Synergy Resources helped us determine just that with their Quality Assessment. Synergy Resources provided an unbiased, current state look into our company’s quality management systems as it related to our business, not just to a specific quality standard audit. They provided solid feedback and participated in subsequent internal conversations to help guide us forward into our current phase, the implementation of Visual Quality. “

Lori Mullen, Director of Information Systems

Cabot Hosiery Mills

“On the advice of Synergy Resources Strategic Business Services, Synergy Resources facilitated a business process mapping session. The entire Cabot group was very pleased with the process mapping that took place over the past three days. They now understand the need to change our processes, and are enthused to get moving. We very much appreciate the efforts of Synergy Resources Strategic Business and Application service groups on our behalf. As I said during the event, if there was somewhat of an unknown before starting the project with Synergy’s commitment and professionalism, those concerns are completely gone. As I told the team this morning, we are in the big leagues now.”

Stephen J. Kelley

Cabot Hosiery Mills, Inc. is the last remaining mill in New England. In an era of outsourcing and corporate take overs, this Northfield VT company is still true to its roots. Family owned and run, in Vermont, since 1978. In a word, local. As a quality driven manufacturing company Cabot has both the experience and a reputation for quality that they back it with a lifetime guarantee.

Howard Glass

“Synergy Resources really stands out in their quality, attentiveness, and competence. No other ERP vendor that I contacted has spent the time and effort with us that Synergy did, and delivered both strategic business consulting and an implementation plan that addresses all of our concerns. As a small business manufacturer that is looking to grow significantly in the next five years, I believe that Synergy Resources will be a valuable strategic partner.”

Elizabeth Keefe

Elizabeth Keefe is the Director of Operations for Howard Glass. Howard Glass is a manufacturer of flat glass serving a variety of glass product industries, such as Optical, Glass Product Manufacturing, Electronic and Biomedical industries. Exceptional processes developed by Howard Glass give them an unmatched capability of delivering flat glass as thin as 0.1 mm. They also provide rapid turn-around services for ground glass and are recognized both as the only distributor of B270 in North America as well as the only manufacturer of glass signal mirrors in the world. For over 60 years, Howard Glass has been a family run business and leading provider of low volume, flat glass products world-wide.

Spectrum Associates

“In a time where manufacturing companies in America are struggling to survive, Synergy Resources Strategic Business Planning Program has provided our company with a roadmap to achieve World-Class performance. This program has re-energized our employees and our management team and focused our company on growth and efficiency through operational excellence. Through the execution of this program we now understand the opportunities we have for improvement and we are excited about our future and the prospect of continuing our partnership with Synergy’s Strategic Business Services team.”


– Richard Meisenheimer; President & Second Generation Owner

Spectrum Associates in Milford CT provides Component Design and Manufacturing services to the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial markets. The companies diverse product line includes, but is not limited to; Hydraulic Sub-Systems, Fuel Sub-Systems and Precision Assembly as well as Rebuild/Repair and Rapid Prototype services. With a reputation in the industry for Superior Quality, the Shortest Lead Time and Unrivaled responsiveness to customer needs, Spectrum has positioned itself as a company with a very bright future.


Companies that implement business systems without addressing the foundational management and process issues first, quickly find out that they are only masking the real business issues. To perform at a much higher level we believe companies must be strategically focused and organizational aligned.


✓ Strategic Business Planning

✓ Business Operations Assessment

✓ Production Scheduling & Inventory Management Assessment

Workshops, Training & Employee Development

✓ Mergers & Acquisition – Business Integration

✓ EasyLean / Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) Planning

✓ Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

✓ Conducting Effective Meetings

✓ Workforce Grant Applications

✓ ITAR training and registration work shop

Note: Specialized Programs and Services are available upon request.

Our workshops detail what you can learn from Synergy. We’ll show you how improved performance and delivery can be accomplished:

Result-driven activities that apply process improvement
to realize cost reductions.

Trusted Advisors

Leverage our business and industry knowledge to execute your vision. Our Strategic Business Services team is made up of experienced, knowledgeable professionals that provide support in a number of areas including, but not limited to the following:

Synergy Resources has positioned its company to partner with its North American customers and prospects to help develop, deploy and support these new business strategies.

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