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Achieve cost savings through accurate, efficient transfer of knowledge. Maximize your ERP software’s potential. Develop a partnership with your Synergy ERP Application Consultant. Let us support your business and propel it to expand and grow.

Synergy Application Consulting enables you to configure your ERP software and define your processes to exceed your Manufacturing and Financial Control and Reporting goals.

Utilizing Synergy ERP Application Consulting is the best way for you to maximize the use of your ERP

Synergy Resources Application Consulting is more than just training. It incorporates the expertise and experience of years of consulting and information sharing.

We look at your business process with independent objectivity

Our analysis of your current and future business needs are performed not just by manufacturing and financial experts, but also business management, engineering, and technical experts also, all under the security of one Synergy Resources umbrella.

The solutions we provide are business solutions. Processes that expand far beyond the click of a mouse. We know manufacturing inside and out. We speak your staff’s language and understand the challenges. We satisfy the needs of management and the goals of the company.

With our help you can get more efficient, accurate and timely reporting to help you make informed decisions and take your business further.

Leading the Charge

  • Project Management Consultants
  • Manufacturing Industry Experts
  • Manufacturing Application Consultants
  • Financial and Accounting Experts
  • Financial Application Consultants

The Synergy Advantage

Using Synergy’s team of ERP Application Consultants for your ERP Project Management, Implementation, Installation, or Training needs has many advantages:

  • Local service and support

    In most cases, Synergy consultants are in driving distance to your company, making availability and accessibility easy. It also keeps the overall cost of your project down by keeping travel costs down.

  • Manufacturing and Financial Experts

    Synergy consultants know manufacturing businesses and the challenges they face every day. Many came directly being VP of Operations or Finance, COO, CFO, or Operations and Accounting Managers in Manufacturing businesses. And each one has implemented Infor ERP in tens if not hundreds of manufacturing companies, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Synergy Consultants are “People” People

    Implementing a new ERP, or even just a new module in a single department, means change. Sometimes a lot of change. This can be very uncomfortable for the people who have been doing their jobs a certain way for years. It’s very important that the people helping implement the change are sensitive to that, and have the appropriate “people skills” to make the new way of doing things, the most positive, pain-free experience possible, so as to make the changes implemented sustaining.

  • Focus on you and your company’s business benefits

    The goal of any ERP Implementation should be to significantly improve the business performance of your company. After all, you’re spending a lot of money, time, and resources making this all happen. You SHOULD expect a high and fast ROI. Synergy focuses on the business benefits before, during and after your ERP implementation project. Just “going live” and utilizing the software will have significant benefits, it’s true, but why stop there? You’re undergoing a lot of change, why not set your expectations accordingly. Synergy makes your business performance improvement criteria THE GOAL for the project and manages it accordingly with our proven project management methodology.

ERP Software Application Consulting

If you are looking for the BEST Resources to help you get the MOST out of your ERP implementation in your company, contact us today.

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