Transform your operations with dependable solutions.

In a world of increasing technological complexities, maintaining a secure, accessible, and stable system environment can distract you from your true business challenges. Cloud-based ERP solutions designed specifically for manufacturers save you time, money, and effort with reliable, accessible, and secure technologies. This is true for both complex manufacturing ERP systems and those with a unique focus, such as supplier management networks.

icon Easily Accessible

Easily Accessible

Our ERP solutions enable instant login access through an Internet browser and do not require any client-side software to be installed. This means they can work anywhere, anytime.

icon 24/7 Security

24/7 Security

Virus protection, backups, and disaster recovery are built into all of our cloud solutions, while virtual servers and data are monitored daily by our support help desk.

icon No Costly On-Premise Systems

No Costly On-Premise Systems

Our customers realize a 30% – 70% overall annual cost savings on their IT budget by relocating their data from the closet to the cloud. They free themselves from costly server hardware, maintaining infrastructure, license renewals, and downtime from PC-related issues.

icon Innovate Faster

Innovate Faster

Cloud-based solutions don’t require constant maintenance. This frees your team up to focus on initiatives that will truly drive business forward.

An ERP system that meets your<span> unique business needs. </span>

An ERP system that meets your unique business needs.

Synergy knows how important it is to match the right ERP solution to your unique business needs. That’s why we offer three ERP systems, each with different functionalities that serve as solid foundations for end-to-end business processes. They are supported by our Manufacturing Application Specialists who implement them on time, on budget, and help you build a foundation for business growth.

Our three unique ERP systems for manufacturers are:

<span>SourceDay, </span>a supply chain cloud solution for all your procurement processes.

SourceDay, a supply chain cloud solution for all your procurement processes.

You depend on suppliers to deliver the right material at the right time. A strong supply chain requires fast and accurate information to be exchanged in real time. SourceDay will transform your entire procurement process into a single platform that supports:

  • Generation of RFQs
  • Real-time updates of your PO price and delivery from your supplier
  • Communication of changes to and from suppliers
  • 3-way matching of PO, receipts, and invoices for payment approval

Our customers report improved lead times, higher on-time delivery, and significantly less buyers required to manage their supplier base.

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<span>MachineMetrics,</span> cloud-based that improve overall equipment effectiveness.

MachineMetrics, cloud-based that improve overall equipment effectiveness.

If your manufacturing requires significant machining, you know how important uptime and efficiency are. Making sure that machine utilization is always monitored, along with part production and downtime (planned and unplanned) is critical to higher efficiency and utilization. MachineMetrics cloud-based solution allows you to quickly see real-time metrics about the status of every machine and provide you with predictive analytics to help prevent downtime before it occurs.

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