Soldream Inc. chooses VISUAL ERP


Soldream Inc. is a US based Connecticut market leading supplier of aerospace and defense component manufacturing including design, fabrication and machining of complex assemblies from wide variety of materials, such as high temperature alloys, steel alloys, stainless steels, titanium, aluminum and many others.

Soldream Inc. is anticipating a long period of year over year growth. The company evaluated its legacy ERP system and determined that their current system was missing several key features that were important to support Soldream’s planned growth and was also not as user friendly and easy to learn as newer generation ERP software. Soldream Inc. also had to comply with high quality demands in a near zero fault tolerant industry which made a compelling case for finding a system with strong QA abilities.

Soldream Inc. conducted a formal ERP Selection reviewing the following systems; Epicor, E2 and JobBOSS. During those comparative analysis sessions, it was pointed out that local companies of similar size were successfully using VISUAL coupled with the support of the Synergy Resources team which has years of hands-on manufacturing experience. Synergy’s team is also based in New England and headquartered in New York.

In addition, there are local VISUAL User Groups which hold quarterly meetings with similar A&D users to discuss current solutions and participate in future design and functionality recommendations. Special A&D tools to improve transferring of forecast data to and from A&D contractors made the solution an easy decision. Synergy’s SmartViews reporting tool promised to make data decisionable and accessible.

Soldream Inc. focused on capabilities to administer all of their quality, financial, purchasing, inventory and production planning requirements. Soldream Inc. was fortunate to have employees with previous experience with both VISUAL and Synergy Resources. Their input was positive and certainly was one of the factors that helped determine which ERP system to select. Several other employees had experience with other ERP systems and did not recommend using the software systems they used in the past.

Soldream Inc. believes that they will benefit from the implementation of VISUAL in many of the following ways:

  • Improved on time support of customer’s demands
  • All major functions utilizing one unifying system, one view of the truth
  • Improved cost tracking, based upon facts
  • Improved communication of demand across all functions and levels of management

Soldream Inc. will leverage VISUAL and its expertise of innovative engineering design, rigorous manufacturing techniques, and uncompromising quality for its custom designed precision A&D products. From concept to production, Soldream offers a dedicated team to optimize their customer’s A&D systems.

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Synergy Awarded Infor Manufacturing ERP Partner of the Year for FY 2016

Paul Tedford,  Director of Business Solutions at Synergy accepted the prestigious award “Infor Manufacturing ERP Partner of the Year” for FY 2016 at the Infor Americas Partner Summit 2016 which is being held in New York City this week. Synergy received the award for the most new net sales, the most transactions and the highest revenue.

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Collections Window: Stop Scribbling Notes Everywhere!

-Written by Bill Lannan

How much time and effort do you spend on AR Aging and collection reviews? Are you still using outdated printed reports? How are you capturing recent cash receipts, adjustments, and credits? Do you still write hand notes all over your printed copy of AR Aging and pass it around? What happens to those notes when you’re done? Can you easily retrieve them when needed? Are you able to share them with others easily? Is information being shared in a timely manner?

The Collections Window in VISUAL is an excellent way to organize your collection activities. You can run it for all customers or just one customer. It only shows what’s open and can be filtered for just past due or all items. It’s sortable allowing you to organize data by dollar amounts, age of receivable, etc.

You can attach customer notes which are viewable by Customer Order Entry. You can attach collection notes which are viewable by Accounts Receivable. You can attach invoice notes which are viewable by Customer Service. You can attach invoice collection notes which are viewable by Accounts Receivable.

Every time you open the Collections Window, it’s automatically updated with recent invoices, recent cash receipts, and recent new or updated notes.

So if you haven’t been using the Collections Window and notations, give it a try! I bet this will help to better organize and streamline your collection activities.

As always, if you need more information, training, or assistance, Synergy Resources is available to help. Just contact your Account Manager or Customer Care today!

Feel overwhelmed by everything you see in the Scheduling Window?

Written by Greg Miller

Get to know the Throughput Window and build efficiency into your production scheduling process.

Users who are new to VISUAL’s scheduling toolset are both intrigued and overwhelmed by VISUAL’s Scheduling Window presentation. Although the Scheduling Window does provide valuable at-a-glance information relative to lateness, scheduling gaps and overall resource backlog, successful VISUAL scheduling professionals have found VISUAL’s Throughput Window to be the hub for high-level and detailed schedule analysis.

The Throughput Window provides the following quantitative measurement tools:

  1. Customer Service Impact- A metric which quantifies the number of days late and associated dollar values for Past-due and Anticipated Customer Order Lateness.
  2. Contention- Provides a measurable indicator for current and upcoming shop resource bottlenecks by capturing the number of times and associated severity (number of delay days) that the scheduler encountered a scheduling conflict at a particular shop resource.
  3. Material Constraint- Do you ever wish that you had a Pareto chart showing the top “x” (count of) materials that are causing the greatest scheduling impact? The Material Constraints button provides that.  As with all charts in the Throughput Window, you can double-click the particular bar to open up a hyperlinked grid which gives you all of the details (Part ID, Work Order ID, Severity, etc..) to dig in deeper.
  4. Actual and Expected Throughput- This tool quantifies the business’ actual and expected throughput values. Throughput is defined as Selling Price – Raw Materials-Purchased Parts- Service costs. This is a great place to validate your overall schedule against weekly or monthly production targets.  “What-If” schedules can be created to simulate the throughput impact of adding capacity to a bottleneck resource. Does the increased capacity add more to the company’s bottom line or just create a downstream bottleneck?

The next time you are faced with answering difficult scheduling questions from upper management, open up the Throughput Window, analyze the information, create a simulated schedule and compare the results using the above tools. You will quickly get quantitative measurements that will help validate your assumptions and allow you to manage the routine scheduling challenges with confidence in an efficient manner.

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Infor names Synergy Resources as Premier Services Delivery Partner

April 18, 2016 – Synergy Resources has been named a Premier Delivery Partner within the Infor Delivery Partner Program for the support of Infor VISUAL customers.  This is the highest Partner designation for Delivery Partners and it has been assigned to Synergy for its exceptional delivery of services to the Infor VISUAL ERP customer community.

Services under this program include VISUAL application training and implementation services that are designed to help Infor VISUAL customers get the most out of their Infor VISUAL ERP solutions. Synergy has been authorized to perform custom code enhancements for the VISUAL customer base in conjunction with Infor Consulting Services. This can allow customers to attain extended functionality yet maintain a coordinated code base that supports continued support enhancements.

Gene Caiola, Partner and Director of Synergy Services, explains “The Infor Delivery Partner Program is designed to help match Delivery Partner resources with the services needs of Infor direct customers. With over 25 years of VISUAL experience, Synergy is uniquely qualified to support Infor in this program and work together to provide the highest service level in the field.”

“The Infor Delivery Partner Program is designed to provide our customers with deep industry vertical experience as well as functional and technical product expertise and related implementation services,” said Dave Anderson, Vice President, Infor Consulting Services. “Our partnership with Synergy Resources provides the Infor VISUAL ERP customer community additional resources to help get the most out of their Infor VISUAL ERP solutions. We look forward to continuing growing this partnership and others in our coming fiscal year and beyond.”

About Infor

Infor builds beautiful business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights for select industries delivered as a cloud service. With 14,000 employees and customers in more than 200 countries and territories, Infor automates critical processes for industries including healthcare, manufacturing, fashion, wholesale distribution, hospitality, retail, and public sector. Infor software helps eliminate the need for costly customization through embedded deep industry domain expertise. Headquartered in New York City, Infor is also home to one of the largest creative agencies in Manhattan, Hook & Loop, focused on delivering a user experience that is fun and engaging. Infor deploys its cloud applications primarily on the Amazon Web Services cloud and open source platforms. To learn more about Infor, please visit

About Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources provides world class ERP software, support and services to manufacturing companies. With a staff of over 95 professionals and offices located in New England, New York Metro, Mid-Atlantic, Texas, Toronto and Vancouver, Synergy not only provides ERP solutions, but prides itself at dramatically improving our customers’ business performance. Synergy Resources’ multi-disciplinary support team include professionals in manufacturing, financials, warehousing and technology. Synergy utilizes lean manufacturing and business process re-engineering techniques to enhance its customers’ businesses. To learn more about Synergy Resources, please visit


Updating Standard Costs in VISUAL 8

Written by Bill Lannan

When was the last time you updated standard costs in VISUAL? Are you seeing large variances between your actual costs and your standard costs?  Then it’s probably time to bring your standards up to date.  Commodity prices, labor rates, manufacturing processes, and business operations are all changing constantly and more rapidly than ever before in today’s world.

The once-per-year review and update may no longer be sufficient if you want to properly price products and remain competitive in today’s environment. Accordingly, you may need to develop a different strategy and frequency for updating your standards.  This requires a fair degree of judgement, effort, and discipline, but luckily, VISUAL provides some tools to help you.

In particular, VISUAL 8 provides a tool called “Recalculate Standard Costs” that helps you to analyze and evaluate prospective changes and then apply those changes as desired. This tool works in both Actual and Standard Cost environments.  Along with the recalculation tool, VISUAL also provides tools to help you to reset your standards and implode them into your engineering masters so you can use the new cost standards going forward.

The Recalculate Standard Costs tool provides a historical review of receipts over a user defined period of time to calculate new unit costs for parts in your database. This powerful tool has the following features:

  • Filtering:
    • You can select a single part, unrelated multiple parts, multiple product related parts, fabricated parts, purchased parts, or all parts in your database.
    • You can select the date range (i.e. start and end date) for your study and/or use the latest receipt available.
  • Information provided:
    • Current Unit Cost (per current standard) versus New Unit Cost (as calculated from receipts history).
    • Source or basis of the New Unit Cost.
    • Total unit costs or the breakdown of the costs into material, labor, burden, and service categories.
  • Output flexibility: You can output to view, send to a printer, or create a CSV file for further refinement and analysis.

So, if you haven’t updated standard costs in a while, you may want to plan a project to review, evaluate, and update your standard costs soon. If you need more information, training, or assistance, Synergy Resources is available to help.  Please contact us today!


Synergy Team is Rockin’ VISUAL ERP at Design & Mfg NE!

Synergy’s John O’Hare and Brett Vecchiarelli are rockin’ VISUAL ERP at the Design & Mfg New England tradeshow today and tomorrow. Be sure to stop by to see them at booth 1125. They are ready to help you with your ERP needs!

Synergy is Exhibiting at Design & Manufacturing New England!

Synergy will be exhibiting at the Design & Manufacturing New England tradeshow on April 13-14, 2016! Be sure to stop by to see us at booth 1125. Be our guest and receive a free expo pass! Click here to register. We look forward to seeing you in Boston!