The Secret to Successful ERP Implementation

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the terminology for a software application that enables a seamless integration of data across all departments and functions in an organization. It enhances the “enterprise” for making better use of “resources”, leading to their effective planning and channelization.

The ERP software gives many tangible as well as non-tangible benefits to businesses of all sizes. No wonder then that more and more businesses are looking for ERP implementation solutions. A few advantages of ERP implementation in any organization are:

  • Improved coordination across different business verticals including finance, marketing, inventory and stock management, manufacturing as well as HR functions.

  • Access to real time information for managers and other employees, as and when they need it

  • Overall reduction in expenses owing to lowered inventory holding costs, manpower costs, reduced lead times and increased chances of on time deliveries

  • Greater opportunity to track process loopholes early and resolve them promptly, making the business more responsive and efficient.

If you want your business to benefit as discussed above (and in other ways), you need to implement a customized ERP in your organization. The consultants at Synergy Resources can tell you how!

What does the ERP implementation process involve?

The process is fairly complex, unlike any other IT project. Many people tend to confuse “installation” with “implementation”; however, they are entirely different terms. ERP implementation centers on capital and resources and is aimed at bringing about a change in the way a business functions. After successful implementation, a business is never the same; it becomes much more efficient as all processes are streamlined.

Crucial factors that lead to a successful ERP implementation:

  • A clear business vision, mission and plan – There must be a detailed plan in place. The organization must be prepared to adopt the change. The budget and resources must be planned ahead.

  • Commitment and support from business leaders – Timely decisions must be taken by top management, including budget allocation and resource training. Change management must be enabled and reinforced as and when required.

  • Business processes – The existing business process must be evaluated with relevance to future needs. Many processes may need to be re-engineered. Inefficient processes must be removed and critical processes must be improved upon further for enhanced efficiency.

  • Project management – The scope of the ERP software needs to be evaluated, and the role of each business unit must be determined in advance. Critical processes and timelines should be defined within the schedule and budget allocated.

  • Vendor resources – Credentials of the ERP vendor as well as the application software needs to be verified. Also, the vendor must show commitment at each stage of the implementation process. Clear communication is important with the vendor as well as across internal verticals of an organization.

It is imperative that the top management in a company is involved 100% in the implementation process. The vendor must always keep the business vision and needs on priority in the transition phase from old system to the new ERP’s implementation.

Partner with Synergy Resources to ensure a smooth and successful ERP implementation. We are with our customers at every stage; improving your business is what our real business is all about!

Infor Business Intelligence – The ideal tool for business decision makers

Infor BI facilitates decision making in an organization by providing decision makers with actionable insights and meaningful information.

Infor Business Intelligence offers the right information, at the right time, to the right individuals. Thus, the organization that uses it can make use of new opportunities that the prompt sharing of information offers and therefore make wiser decisions. The features of our Infor BI include dashboards, operational and financial reporting and analysis, and capabilities of planning, forecasting, budgeting, data mining, role-based analytics and financial consolidation.

The Infor BI offered by Synergy Resources can easily integrate with any data source and application. It can either be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with others.

Some distinct features of Infor BI are as follows:

OLAP Server – BI has an in-built OLAP database for planning, modeling and analyzing things in real time. The OLAP server sends multidimensional data into the modeling process for enhancing “what-if?” scenarios as well as driver-based planning. In addition to bringing about better business decisions, this feature makes the decision makers confident in dealing with any exigencies.

Office Plus – Infor BI has a Microsoft Excel interface integrated into it. This helps its users by enabling advanced reporting and sophisticated analysis for optimizing key processes and improving collaboration. Office Plus does not require any help from IT and it can be used for creating sophisticated reports, producing custom templates, and adapting standard ones for incorporating design elements.

Application Studio – The studio offers an online front end for visualizing data including analysis, reports, data entry and dashboards. Users do not need any programing skills for creating, reporting and planning interfaces.

Business Analytics – This particular feature offers industry-based and role-based reports, key performance indicators, dashboards and analytics to business users throughout an enterprise.

Planning – This feature of our Infor Business Intelligence facilitates planning, budgeting and forecasting. Infor BI Planning can successfully handle specialized plans that need huge multidimensional structures covering thousands of items. Along with the OLAP server, Infor BI can be handled efficiently for superior performance and it can also be used for making on-the-go calculations of KPIs, aggregations, what-if scenarios, etc.

Consolidation – As the name suggests, this feature helps in consolidating different processes, which include the closing of books, business combinations, financial reporting and others. The navigation feature of Infor BI Consolidation enables streamlining of activities such as entering, reconciling, calculation of currency conversions, and consolidation of company data.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Infor BI has several others that make it an ideal business tool for those entrusted with making key decisions in an organization.

Lean Quality Management – An Absolute Phenomenon!

Lean manufacturing first began at the Toyota factory in Japan and it is now one of the most talked about concepts in the field of manufacturing. So, what does lean quality manufacturing mean?

Lean quality management entails putting maximum focus on customers and treating them as the most important part of a business. This method strives to achieve the twin goals of minimizing waste and maximizing value. The idea is to assign more value to those products that customers pay for. Everything else is treated as a waste and eliminated from the process of manufacturing process.

Synergy Resources feels that it is incumbent upon us to let you know how the need for lean manufacturing was felt in the first place. There are two aims of this new marketing cum manufacturing approach – Firstly, strive for customer satisfaction and secondly, do the same in a profitable way. Every aspect of lean manufacturing is concerned with these two aims and customer satisfaction is given the most importance.

In the Lean Quality management model, anything that doesn’t offer value to the customer is cast off as useless. Unless and until customers insist on the inclusion of that something specifically, lean manufacturing eliminates it, resulting in the increasing efficiency throughout all processes. Sometimes Companies act hastily using lean principles without consideration of customer needs. This can cause a change that can best be described as unwarranted. Therefore, it is important that the question “why” is asked before the implementation of any lean principles. The lean manufacturing experts at Synergy Resources, devise effective strategies avoiding these potential mistakes.

Often, managers act hastily and use lean principles in a business application without bothering to take the customer needs into consideration. This causes a change that can best be described as unwarranted. Therefore, it is important that the question “why” is asked before the implementation of a lean principle. The lean manufacturing consultants working for Synergy Resources avoid making this mistake and they are smart enough to first devise an effective strategy.

Call us anytime to discuss at 1. 866. 896. 6347 and begin your journey to higher quality practices and increased customer satisfaction.

Fundamentals of ERP

What is ERP?

Although it’s common and gaining more popularity, many still wonder what does ERP stand for. It’s the acronym of ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, and it’s referred to as a solution tailored to streamline business processes such as manufacturing, financing, etc. It ensures that various departments within the business and their operations are integrated so that the monitoring and decision-making process becomes simple.

What is required for an ERP to be effective?

In order to ensure that the solution you choose works for your business, ERP fulfills a number of requirements, such as:

  • Connecting various people, businesses and processes related to business operations.

  • Managing the business in the context of currency, language and legal aspects as required by legal authorities and business standards.

  • Having centralized access to data and other functions of the business operations.

  • Securing connectivity to departments and mobile devices that are connected and used in the line of business.

  • Ensuring easy integration with common servers and the flexibility to grow with the business and with the changes in technology.

Its importance to the business

An effective ERP works as the mind of a business. It’s in this perspective that integration is crucial. In traditional settings, management decision-making requires extensive documentation such as files and reports. With an ERP solution, it becomes simpler with centralized data storage and the analytical tools in the system that not only makes work easier but also faster and more effective.

History of ERP development

The development of ERP arose as a need to ensure that there is ease in managing the business. It started with traditional communication models. With the development of the computers, better communication models, networking and internet services were established. It’s on this platform that the development of ERP has happened.

In the advent of internet use, various communication models have developed. They include social media sites as well as marketing platforms. The creation of applications with capabilities to support this kind of communication enhances these platforms. The ERP is a solution that works in a similar way, but its tailoring applies to a specific business allowing connectivity to its clients, suppliers and its various departments.

Every relevant business should adopt an effective ERP solution. This will not only enhance its productivity but will greatly reduce the operational costs of the business. It’s evident that a number of multinational organizations are embracing this solution.

In order to deploy a new-age ERP system for your business, you can consult with a leading ERP provider like Synergy Resources ( We offer Infor VISUAL ERP that enhances the integration and streamlining of business

A Ready Reckoner for Selecting the Right ERP Software

According to The Wall Street Journal, out of more than 1,000 manufacturing systems in North America, almost 7.8% are grossly dissatisfied with their existing ERP systems. Let’s see why!

For a failed ERP, many factors come into play. Some of these include planning and work allocation and training and development of resources for strategic implementation; each task is critical. Laxity on even one of these factors may lead to failure of the ERP. The success of an ERP solution begins with choosing the right software; the team at Synergy Resources is always there to help you on this.

Let’s see what it takes to make a prudent choice in ERP software:

  • Support the ERP purchase with a case study – Research how the new ERP system will benefit your organization. Will it actually streamline the internal business processes and lead to the results that you are expecting to see? Unless the ERP strategy is streamlined at this stage, you might end up with just good-to-look-at software that doesn’t do much apart from painting a rosy picture. To see positive results, you need to put a concrete strategy in place.

  • Jot down your unique, critical business requirements – ERP is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Define the critical requirements that are unique to your business mission. What follows is a comparison between the must-haves’ and what the ERP software offers.

  • Although our customers speak highly of our services; we encourage you to get in touch with those who did not refer us. This well help you get an unbiased review of the ERP software implementation that we provide. For example, you could look up an organization that has been using VISUAL ERP Scheduling or Quality software for the past year. This would mean that the software has been implemented well and the company is now beyond the learning curve.

  • Software costs play a major role. However, never compromise on value. At Synergy Resources, we strive to offer full value for your money through our software, services and support. Working with an ERP vendor who is bad at any one of these can be detrimental to your ERP strategy.

  • For success, ERP software training is a must. As a professional ERP software vendor, we train your employees on the software usage as well. We set up the selected ERP system as per your unique requirements and even test-run the same based on your data.

We strive to help you select an ERP system that offers the solutions that you expect so that you are completely satisfied with it. The above steps won’t only ensure that you get the right software for your organization; it will also ensure that your company is successful in the complete endeavor.

Signs that you need a new ERP System for Your Business

These days the manufacturing world is abuzz about ERP, and keen to know the benefits of using it.

So, what is enterprise resource planning? Well, in simple terms it is a modern enterprise system that helps organizations plan, track and manage their businesses in an efficient manner. It is a software that drives a company’s internal processes towards efficiency in terms of performance and profitability.

More and more businesses are implementing ERP software to ensure sustainability and growth of their ventures. However, every system has a lifeline; and it might get outdated over a period of time. Although software does not come with a defined “best before date”, there are tell-tale signs that could indicate that it’s time to move on to a new system. You can always connect with Synergy Resources to get your current ERP system revamped to find the best solution for your company.

Signs that your ERP system is outdated:

  • The current system was installed 3-4 years ago.

Technology moves fast; and even if your system was said to be a highly scalable one at the time it was deployed, chances are that you could be missing out on a lot of features. Maybe it’s time to consult an ERP solutions service provider to learn how the latest technology could help your company.

  • Laid-back customer support – Over a period of time, the need for proactive support on the ERP system may go up as it gets outdated. However, if your ERP provider is not offering you the required level of support, perhaps you should move on to find the one that will fulfil your requirements.
  • An increase in work turnaround –In case your ERP system is not providing optimal results, the chances of work turnaround shoot up! For example, if you have to depend on manual reporting for certain processes, you should reconsider continuing with the same ERP.
  • Timelines –If your current system does not deliver on time, then it’s a problem. For example, if the best your ERP can deliver is weekly reporting on something that needs to be brought out on a daily basis; then perhaps it’s an outdated system.
  • Customer needs taking a back seat –Enterprise Resource Planning software is implemented to ensure high level of customer service. It’s a big concern if you are unable to fulfill customer expectations just because your ERP system is not good enough for it.
  • ERP provider is charging too high for support –Many times, ERP vendors overcharge business owners for extended support, especially if the system has been in use for more than 3-4 years. This makes it all the more important to look for the latest software for the best use of your investment.

In case you have been observing any or all the above situations, it is perhaps the time for an updated ERP system to suit your business needs. Why not utilize ERP consultation services by Synergy Resources and learn what a cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning software can do for your business!

Enterprise Resource Planning Software, an Overview

Let’s talk about what exactly this software is all about, and why more and more businesses are utilizing its benefits to gain a competitive advantage.

To begin with, think of all the processes that are an essential part of your manufacturing business. These may include: Order management, inventory management, product scheduling, accounts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other functions. A basic Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software simply integrates multiple business applications or functions into one core system. Thus, it streamlines business information and processes in an organization.

The core of ERP software is a common database used by various business units. In simpler terms, employees and managers from different departments such as production, sales can use the system to get the right information as per their specific requirements. Businesses also get the benefit of automation through ERP software. All the departments can pull out customized reports from a single system. This is a stark difference from the traditional operations, where each department earlier had to maintain data by using numerous spreadsheets and databases manually.

Another great feature of ERP is that it includes a dashboard that lets managers access and review their business performance in real-time based on key parameters.

ERP offers great business value with an assured increase in the Return on Investment (ROI) when implemented with the help of experts. Since it diminishes the limitations in various business units associated with an organization, it leads to the seamless flow and management of all information across all applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning software such as VISUAL ERP offered by Synergy Resources presents real-time, global data analytics, which enables business managers to address any apparent flaws proactively and resolve the issue at an early stage. It enables business owners to reduce risks by enhancing financial compliance as per standard regulations.

By automating core business operations, the need for manual intervention at multiple stages is greatly reduced. This leads to the saving of time, efforts and expenses. Also, automation of the business applications ensures better planning. Even customer service of the companies improves, because of having a single resource for billing and relationship management in place.

When the above advantages are considered, it can safely be ascertained that no business can afford to ignore ERP implementation in their manufacturing process. It helps the employees of a company access real-time and accurate information; making it possible for them to make faster decisions. Moreover, ERP lowers overall business expenses by removing redundancy across various functions.

The above notes are just a small insight into the positive impacts that ERP software may have on a business. To learn more, get in touch with the Synergy Resources team. It is always advisable for business owners to get an honest opinion of a professional service provider, who can benefit the organization in the best possible manner.

Royal Products News: Royal Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

05/16/14- ROYAL Products News: ROYAL Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

Hauppauge, NY – On May 16th, 2014 Royal Products of Hauppauge, NY held a Visual ERP Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements, Leveraging the Visual ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources expertise.” For over 60 years, Royal Products has been designing and building precision metalworking accessories to help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.

royal products warehouse tour

Chris Jakubowsky (left) VP of Operations  leads the seminar discussions and tour of the Royal warehouse and shop floor as he demonstrates the results of the Visual ERP software tools coupled with the Synergy Resources business consulting efforts.

Teaming-up with Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) which has helped Royal with employee procedures and training for the world class Visual ERP software.

Royal demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 3+ years of operations. Attended by 10 people from 4 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the Visual ERP software tools, strategic best practices consulting and hard work.

“Royal Products firmly believes in continuous improvement, that’s why we partner with Synergy, it enables us to continue learning and expand our capabilities. It’s a challenge to stay competitive in the worldwide market, especially from Long Island. That’s why we need the Synergy advantage. Getting the latest techniques and tools are key to improve the operations and remain competitive. These improvements have allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Chris Jakubowsky. “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace”.

it manages presentation

Kathy Burns (right), IT manager for ROYAL said they have a very complex business, both a full manufacturing company and full distribution operation, filling same day distributor orders, across the globe. Visual is integrated with a WMS system to support its real time pick, pack and shipping operation. Royal’s customer base is with industrial manufacturing industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Automotive. The Visual ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each customer’s unique  requirement.” ROYAL  is  an ISO9001 certified and registered firm, with proven track record of performance excellence.

Chris Jakubowsky added that Royal’s specific needs for the Visual ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company.

“Visual ERP is a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the ERP allowing for more efficient and productive results,” said Chris Jakubowsky. Royal has been able to continually improve and shorten its order fulfillment time, while increasing the order throughput significantly.

ROYAL likes its ability to have shop workers run several jobs at the same time, and Visual ERP has the sophisticated capabilities to correctly allocate the labor/time across several jobs, and Visual  tracks  and  insures  we  can  maintain profitability. Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Kathy Burns to explain the system’s ease of use and deep functional capabilities, while also answering a wide array of process questions.

Over the years since Visual was implemented, ROYAL steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.


ROYAL Products. Hauppauge, NY

royal products office

ROYAL Products America’s Leading Manufacturer of Metalworking Performance Accessories. Royal Products makes performance accessories that improve their customers manufacturing effectiveness, capabilities and competitiveness. The event reiterated the mission statements of the firm;

  • We help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.
  • We would rather explain price once, than to have to apologize for poor quality time and time again. Quality is the key to everyone’s success.

Royal  Products,  an  ISO  9001  registered  company,  is  an  active  member  of  the  following professional associations: AMTDA, AMT, and ISA.

DRT Power Systems holds successful Visual ERP Seminar!

On April 24, 2014 in Agawam, MA, DRT Power Systems held its first VISUAL ERP Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements,  Leveraging the VISUAL ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources’ expertise.”

Brett Vecchiarelli. (above) director for DRT Power Systems leads the seminar discussions and tour of the DRT shop floor as he demonstrates the results of the VISUAL ERP software tools coupled with the Synergy Resources’ Strategic Business Services.

DRT teamed up to hold this seminar with Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) which has helped DRT with employee procedures and training for the world class VISUAL ERP software.

DRT demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 12 years of operations. Attended by 12 people from 7 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the VISUAL ERP software tools, strategic best process consulting and hard work.

“Streamlining means updating and getting the latest tools and technically getting our (company) needs met, to revise and improve the basic operations and every employee’s responsibilities of the company. This allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Brett Vecchiarelli, “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace.”

Brett said that DRT has a very complex business, involved with both Aerospace and Defense industries, the VISUAL ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each industries unique requirements.” DRT is an AS9100 certified and registered firm, with proven track record of performance excellence.

Mr. Vecchiarelli added that DRT’s specific needs for the VISUAL ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company by utilizing VISUAL for quoting, material, scheduling, financials, quality, and managing its customers ever changing forecasts.

“It’s a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production and quality performance results. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the same system at the same time, allowing for more efficient, consistent productivity and results,” said Mr. Vecchiarelli.  The data once entered during the sales process, can be leveraged throughout the operations, with no re-typing of any data.

DRT looks at its order load frequently leveraging the ERP’s patented software tools capabilities to run several “what if” analysis’s to stay on top of the best profitability and insuring its staffing are always the most productive.

Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Brett to use the system to demonstrate the ease of use and deep functional capabilities of the system, while also answering a wide array of questions.

Over the years since VISUAL was implemented, DRT steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.



DRT Power Systems provides highly engineered integrated solutions customized to solve difficult challenges for our customers.  DRT Power Systems – OA   manufactures precision machined components and assemblies for a wide variety of aerospace applications. The company occupies a 37,000 square foot facility, located in Agawam, Massachusetts, that houses 21 pieces of CNC Machinery for four & five axis milling and turning, plus additional conventional machines for milling, turning, grinding, and flat lapping. OA is committed to providing defect free products and services to our customer base. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through a process of continuous quality improvement.

SmartViews Update v3.2.9.0

A new version of SmartViews has been released. Below is an overview highlighting the changes.

Here is the summary list of the changes:

Feature 363 : Within Pivot’s you can now get a Distinct Count (within Totals area, i.e. Count, Sum menu)



Feature 364 : Report area – users can now share report layout with others without having to export\import


fig.2          fig.3

Defect 257 : Fixed typo in error message

Defect 301 : Corrected issue with new license key not being saved to other machines when sync was performed

Defect 304 : Corrected issue when selecting Access as the data source for a view

Defect 305 : Corrected error when in Pivot and trying to un-select Dynamic Fields –> % of Column

Defect 315 : After saving a new dashboard it was not showing up on the menu list until the user closed and logged back in.