Synergy Resources Named to Top Six ERP Vendors List by ERP Solutions Review


Synergy Resources Named to Top Six ERP Vendors List by ERP Solutions Review

Central Islip, NY –April 17, 2107Synergy Resources, specialists in improving manufacturing productivity and market value, have been named to Solutions Review’s just-announced Top Six ERP Vendors list.

According to Paul Tedford, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, “We are proud to be recognized by Solutions Review for VISUAL ERP.  Even more proud observing Synergy’s Customer Satisfaction continue to rise. Synergy believes that to be successful with ERP, Clients have to re-design processes in concert with implementing the new systems. Implementing ERP without leaning out the organization, just places new screens in front of existing problems. Synergy focuses on improving Customer’s business performance by re-defining and re-executing perfectly balanced processes, towards exceeding our dynamic Customers goals”.

Solutions Review stated, There are a number of invaluable benefits to manufacturers by having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP manufacturing software integrates and automates all areas of business (materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, etc.) in a company so that every department relies on a single database. This information hub delivers accurate, real-time data that is crucial to the manufacturing company. It also allows manufacturers to proactively manage operations, prevent disruptions, and help users make better decisions in a shorter amount of time. With so many options available today, we at Solutions Review have researched for the six best possible vendors for ERP manufacturing.”

As appears in the Top Six ERP Vendors list:

VISUAL ERP, from Synergy Resources is an easy-to-use manufacturing software with power that improves on-time delivery, and increases quality and profits. VISUAL ERP is a fast and easy, flexible, and functionally rich manufacturing ERP solution that eliminates “islands of information” by easily getting the right data to you in a matter of seconds. With the flexibility of VISUAL ERP, you can accomplish manufacturing modes (make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, etc.) and infrastructure (multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-currency, etc.). VISUAL ERP has all the functionality that manufacturing companies need to thrive in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace. VISUAL ERP’s patented capabilities help you win and keep more customers by giving an edge to compete on price, delivery, and quality.

About Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources is committed to elevating the operational excellence of our dynamic customers. We provide the expertise, guidance, training and software required to improve core competencies and exceed business goals. Synergy Resources maintains the highest quality of professional staff who utilize continuous improvement techniques and the best software tools available. Offices are located at 320 Carleton Avenue Suite 6200, Central Islip, NY, 11722 and 2680 Matheson Blvd E Suite 102 Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5. Please visit

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Start Your Journey to a Successful Manufacturing ERP Implementation

Irrespective of the kind of manufacturing business operations you are into, ERP implementation brings with it a lot of criticality that must be dealt with on priority. By criticality, we mean factors such as cost, ROI, managing the entire project in the organization, commitment and support from the leaders of the business entity.

Undoubtedly, deploying ERP is a major change for any organization. However, it does not have to be a painful move. When planned and executed in a proper manner, ERP implementation can be smoothened out to improve efficiency across all verticals in a manufacturing business.

As a competent ERP software provider, at Synergy Resources, we often meet corporate representatives who have made unsuccessful attempts at deploying ERP software in their company. We have found in most cases that the following reasons lead to the failure of ERP:

  • Poor choice of ERP software

  • Lack of planning

  • Top management not involved in the process

  • Projects lack momentum

  • Inaccurate data

  • Lack of training and development

  • Deficiencies in the project not taken care of

Thus, we can say that successful ERP implementation in any manufacturing business requires the utmost planning, coordination and commitment at all levels in the business organization.

Here’s how to implement ERP successfully in any organization:

  • Plan ahead – Even before you select the software, plan out the overhead costs, technical requirements and the changes that will be required in the internal processes that are already underway. Unplanned changes can work out to be too expensive and may lead to failure as well. 
  • Select the best ERP software – it all starts here! Choose the best ERP software that you want to implement. Contact the Synergy Resources team in case you need help on this. Your knowledge, coupled with our expertise is sure to get you the best applicable ERP software for your company. Be it VISUAL ERP Extensions, VISUAL ERP Scheduling or VISUAL ERP Quality; you must work with us to know how each can impact your business! 
  • Set realistic goals – ERP software such as VISUAL ERP can help streamline the manufacturing process, improve transparency, reduce costs and bring out a positive change in the way a manufacturing business functions across the entire entity. However, this will not happen overnight! To create a seamless business environment, an organization must be willing to invest time and other important resources such as – workforce, IT equipment, ERP software training and implementation; all of which must be planned with a timeline to follow. 
  • Strong project management – Ensure that your resources are in order before implementing an ERP solution across your business. Unless this is done, the ERP implementation may fail due to overworked employees and poor implementation strategy; leading to utter failure of the ERP. Designate a project manager, involve the senior management and involve all employees in the implementation process, even if they are given smaller responsibilities.

Following the above practices is sure to result in the successful deployment of the ERP software in your company. Also what’s important is how genuinely the service provider is involved with your ERP project! The team at Synergy Resources will be there for you at every stage of ERP implementation. Right from offering expert consultations to working on each step of the implementation, we will assist you completely.

How to Select ERP – Scripted Demos

Soldream Inc. chooses VISUAL ERP


Soldream Inc. is a US based Connecticut market leading supplier of aerospace and defense component manufacturing including design, fabrication and machining of complex assemblies from wide variety of materials, such as high temperature alloys, steel alloys, stainless steels, titanium, aluminum and many others.

Soldream Inc. is anticipating a long period of year over year growth. The company evaluated its legacy ERP system and determined that their current system was missing several key features that were important to support Soldream’s planned growth and was also not as user friendly and easy to learn as newer generation ERP software. Soldream Inc. also had to comply with high quality demands in a near zero fault tolerant industry which made a compelling case for finding a system with strong QA abilities.

Soldream Inc. conducted a formal ERP Selection reviewing the following systems; Epicor, E2 and JobBOSS. During those comparative analysis sessions, it was pointed out that local companies of similar size were successfully using VISUAL coupled with the support of the Synergy Resources team which has years of hands-on manufacturing experience. Synergy’s team is also based in New England and headquartered in New York.

In addition, there are local VISUAL User Groups which hold quarterly meetings with similar A&D users to discuss current solutions and participate in future design and functionality recommendations. Special A&D tools to improve transferring of forecast data to and from A&D contractors made the solution an easy decision. Synergy’s SmartViews reporting tool promised to make data decisionable and accessible.

Soldream Inc. focused on capabilities to administer all of their quality, financial, purchasing, inventory and production planning requirements. Soldream Inc. was fortunate to have employees with previous experience with both VISUAL and Synergy Resources. Their input was positive and certainly was one of the factors that helped determine which ERP system to select. Several other employees had experience with other ERP systems and did not recommend using the software systems they used in the past.

Soldream Inc. believes that they will benefit from the implementation of VISUAL in many of the following ways:

  • Improved on time support of customer’s demands
  • All major functions utilizing one unifying system, one view of the truth
  • Improved cost tracking, based upon facts
  • Improved communication of demand across all functions and levels of management

Soldream Inc. will leverage VISUAL and its expertise of innovative engineering design, rigorous manufacturing techniques, and uncompromising quality for its custom designed precision A&D products. From concept to production, Soldream offers a dedicated team to optimize their customer’s A&D systems.

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