Andy Pratico to Present at the North Shore Chapter of APICS Meeting on November 11, 2014

The North Shore Chapter of APICS is welcoming Andy Pratico this November 11th to present his fresh approach to ERP selection. Survey after survey indicates that 75% of companies are dissatisfied with their current ERP systems.

There are plenty of theories why implementations have problems:

  • Poor planning or no planning at all
  • Top Management not involved or did not fully commit to the project
  • Unreliable data
  • Lack of training or implementation assistance
  • Poor selection process
  • Lost project momentum
  • Business processes are not corrected

All of the above may contribute to implementation failure, but the key reason is more fundamental. The problem is that the legacy selection process that is commonly used is flawed. 

The most important factor in selecting a new system is: to make sure your company will be successful with the new system. Over the past 30 years, Andy has worked with hundreds of manufacturers. During this time he has seen many successful ERP implementations, but sadly even more that have failed.  To increase their probability of success, Andy has developed a new approach that avoids the pit falls of the traditional process used.

REGISTER ONLINE for the APICS presentation to learn more or follow the links below. Space is limited, please register online by 5:00 pm Friday, 11/07/14 or call Bruce Netten at 781-438-2466.

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