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30 Year Precision-Engineered Miniature Screw & Fastener Manufacturer Selects Visual ERP

30 Year Precision-Engineered Miniature Screw & Fastener Manufacturer Selects Visual ERP

AMERICAN PRIDE FASTENERS, LLC (APF) US based developer and manufacturer of precision- engineered miniature screws and fasteners designed for products in the military, biomedical, appliance, automotive and numerous commercial industries
has chosen VISUAL ERP and implementation project to refine its manufacturing, quality and strategic processes.

Due to the limitations using its current ERP system, which was not integrated with the financial package and having outgrown it due to high double-digit annual growth, APF required immediate deployment of a fully integrated ERP system. APF launched an initiative to identify and implement an ERP that would improve data access, inventory and production management, quality assurance, shop scheduling and financial reporting. APF did consider other ERP packages; SAP system was considered, however, lack of deep manufacturing capabilities that VISUAL ERP offered, like real-time reporting, advanced capacity work scheduling and tracking of all cost structures offered little to make implementation and ROI viable. Based on reference checks, APF expects dramatically improved customer response time, accurate cost data, streamlined shop scheduling, and improved inventory controls. Other employees’ industry experience primarily with internally developed software in general was not user friendly and integrated – VISUAL’s ease of use is unparalleled.

Lynda Zacpal, President stated,

VISUAL’s ease of use and superior quoting/estimating capabilities along with the highest level quality module we’ve ever seen, will dramatically improve our business intelligence, enabling us to make the strategic decisions to continue to steepen the growth trajectory of the business.

George Hugues III, Vice President stated,

VISUAL’S full material traceability, paperless document lifecycle, superior engineering, costing and scheduling capabilities will make our business’s continuous improvement virtually limitless.

The APF team views the VISUAL/Synergy team as a great advantage, having positive customers and a local implementation staff consulting with many decades of expertise and experience as VISUAL ERP users.

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Looking for online self-led Infor VISUAL training?

Looking for online self-led Infor VISUAL training?

Synergy has combined our extensive VISUAL knowledge and experience to design an online-accessible, self-paced VISUAL training experience. Save time and money: whether used to get a new employee up to speed on core functionality, to learn about the latest features and functions, or to train a full team on process-based scenarios.